Deactivating Users / Recycle Bin / Transferring Records

Deactivating Users

If an employee leaves your company and is replaced by another employee, it is a best practice to deactivate the old user and create a new user. Please never just exchange the username and email address.

Note: If you run into issues with the process below, try switching to the Salesforce Classic interface and completing the task there again.

  • Click on your portrait at the top of the screen.
  • Click Switch to Salesforce Classic.

Step 1

To deactivate the login for a User

1. Click Setup | Manage Users | Users.
2. Click the checkbox next to the user's name and click the freeze button. (Stops the session if they are logged in)
3. Click Edit next to a user’s name.
4. Deselect the Active checkbox and click Save.

Step 2

Even if the user is deactivated, his license for Propertybase is still active. To remove the user's license, to enable Propertybase for another user;

1. Click Setup | Build | Installed Packages.
2. Click on the link "Manage Licenses" next to "Propertybase"
3. Click on "Remove" next to the user you have deactivated. (If the Active checkbox is not checked remove the licenses, either way, no reason to be using up a license)

This can also be done from the SalesforceA mobile app Apple iOS, Google Android

If this is an Admin user please see the How to change your Administrator Access article

Processes running with an Inactive User

There are things to consider after you have deactivated a user that the system does not alert you about. You will need to change all Action Plans, Workflows, Process Builder, Dashboards as running user and Front Desk going to the user. Each one will fail if they do not have an active user.

Transferring Records to a new User

There are a couple of ways of doing this, you can use the Mass Transferring Wizard to transfer all Companies/Accounts which transfers all contacts associated or you could use the Data Loader to transfer records to the new user.


Recycle Bin

If by any chance that the user has deleted any records before they left, make sure you check the Recycle Bin. You have to be in the Classic Interface first. Then go to any object and check on the left sidebar at the bottom. If you don't see a left sidebar make sure you expand it. 


Here is some more documentation on the Recycle Bin 

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