Change Ghost/Hidden Companies for Individual Contacts

When you create an Individual Contact, a Ghost/Hidden Company record is created in the background. By default the format is Last Name, First Name. The setting below will allow you to change the default to a more preferred format, allowing for a more discreet/hidden view of the ghost company record. If you find the record, it will just take you back to the contact. 

This is a Salesforce limit that we have to adhere too and this is how we get around that logic by creating the hidden record. SF logic says that every contact has to have a company or it becomes this lost record in the database. 


Go to the + button at the top right of Propertybase and click on the "Settings" option.

You will need to create a new setting with the following settings.

Name: account_nameDefaultIndividual
Key: account_nameDefaultIndividual

Value: Example "." or "Whatever you want" (You do not need the quotes)


If you remove the setting it will go back to the default of Last Name, First Name. This is typically set to "." so when you search a name both records do not pull up.


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