Australian Portals - How to Enable the Portals

Setting up Portals Checklist
Propertybase will create the portal record in the Portals tab. To do so, we need the following steps completed. 

1. Grant Access to Propertybase Support

 Click to open instructions for granting others access to your account

2. Go to and click "Submit a Ticket".

To request assistance with publishing listings to portals, include these details: 

  • Name the portals you will be using
  • Provide the Agency ID for each portal (see next tab).  The Agency ID must be unique.
  • Inform Propertybase the type of listing:  Residential, Commerical, Sale and/or Lease Listings

Why do I need to do this?

  • If record types are not set up correctly, the XML feeds will fail.  
  • We will ensure the correct record types are available on your Listings, Properties and Enquiries. 


3. For each listing to be pushed to portals, ensure you have ticked 'System Allowed for Portals' checkbox on the Details tab.


Agency ID
 The Agency ID must be unique per portal. issues an Agency ID, a 6 character identity code of the real estate agent assigned by REA.   The Agency ID must also be known to REA and be for an active subscribed agent.

Please visit this link to REA for more information about Finding your Agency ID


We recommend to include this ID on each listing record among the listing agent's details, as it is helpful when debugging and reporting. 


If other portals do not provide an Agency ID, simply create a generic ID, and then insert the ID on the portal record via the Portals tab.  


A generic ID can be anything you like; we typically default to "PB-[your company name]."


Activate Portal Record

If Propertybase is preparing the portal records on your behalf, skip to the next section.

If you are creating a new portal record or reactivating an inactive portal, simply follow the images. 

To activate a portal, first go to the Portals tab.

Lightning Experience users: click the App Launcher and search for the tab

Click the Edit button, then tick Is Active, and save. 


Once you save this change, active listings on this portal record will be refreshed.  If there no active listings, they need to be enabled on the listing record in a 2-step process.  Refer to the next tab: Publishing to Portals.

Classic users:  From the available tabs, click to access the Portals tab.


Publish Listings to Portals

Now you are ready to PUBLISH your Listings to the Portals! 

Each Listing record to be published on Portals needs settings enabled. 

1.  On the Details tab, in the Portals section, the checkbox System Allowed for Portals must be ticked. 


Field validations are turned on when the System Allowed for Portals checkbox is ticked.  The field validations ensure that you have entered the required information required by the portal providers when you edit and save the listing record. 


2.  Publish or Unpublish listings to your Portals in this section using the buttons at the right.  Portal Status displays which portals are receiving XML feeds.  

You're done!  

Check the portal listing status on the listing's Related list.  



There are 2 ways to stop publishing from Propertybase to portals:

  • Click Unpublish on the Portals tab to render the portal feed inactive for the selected Portals 
  • Untick System Allowed for Portals - the listing unpublishes from all portals 



As an administrator, you may encounter errors among Residential and Commercial type listings, or with Media items. 
To view common Listing Portal feed errors, please refer to the Australian Portals - How to correct Portal feed errors Help file.
Refer to general FAQ article Australian Portal Syndication FAQ
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