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Controlling Data Sharing in Propertybase - Part 3 | Sharing Rules

What are sharing rules?

Sharing rules let you open up access to records which would otherwise be restricted based on your role hierarchy or organization wide defaults. Sharing rules can be setup based on record criteria or record ownership. It's important to remember that sharing rules can only be used to open up access to records, not to further restrict the access to records.

Why are sharing rules important?

Sharing rules are important to share the correct data with the people who need it. Setting these up is the final step to configuring Propertybase to follow the data sharing model that suits your business.

To recap on the videos series check out Part 1 or Part 2.

What if I have multiple sharing rules to add?

Depending on your organizations structure multiple sharing rules may need to be added. This can be done be the mass using the Apex Data Loader. You are able to add the sharing rules for standard and custom objects. Standard objects consist of Contacts and Companies, while custom objects are Requests, Listings, Properties, Offers and Closings.

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