Adding Buttons to the Page Layout

Adding Buttons to the Page Layout

If you would like to add or remove buttons to your Page Layouts you can follow the instructions below:

Go to the Setup icon and click on Setup:

Once there go into Object Manager:

Once in Object Manager, search for and click on the Object you'd like to add to:

We'll use the Contact Object for the example in this article.

Once you're in the Contact, select Page Layout on the left:

Then select the Page Layout you'd like to add the button to (we'll use Individual Contact for this example):

Next, select the Button option from the layout options:

Here, you'll see a list of buttons you can drag and drop down to the desired location on the Page Layout below. You'll see the following areas you can drag and drop to:

  • Highlight Panel
  • Quick Actions in the Salesforce Classic Publisher
  • Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions
  • Contact Detail
  • Mobile Cards (Salesforce Mobile only)
  • Related Lists which include:
    • Notes
    • Open Activities
    • Activity History
    • Drip Campaigns
    • Action Plans
    • Inquiries
    • Linked Listings
    • Offers
    • Closings
    • Owned Properties
    • Listings (as Owner/Landlord)
    • Referrals
    • Files
    • Contact History
    • Closings (Seller and Renter)
    • Recurring Emails
    • Email Campaign Snapshots
    • Website Views
    • Website Showings, Inquiries, Shares, Forms, and Notes


Once you drag and drop the button(s) to the desired location you can select Save and you're all set! 



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