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All about Closings

What is the closing object in Propertybase?

The closing object allows you to track details of the closings for all of your deals. We have preconfigured fields to connect important individuals to your deals, as well as a check list where you can tack progress towards tasks such as home inspections.


Why is the closing object important?

The closing object is flexible in that you can track different data depending on your business process. it's easy to add fields and configure the page layouts with out needing external support. You can use this object to track any data related to closings that you need.


Why is the closing ID?

The field "Closing ID" is part of the Propertybase managed package and the data format cannot be edited since it is intended to be a unique identifier of the record.

Perhaps you can consider creating a new custom field in an alternate format, but the way the Closing ID appears will remain consistent.  Also, users can be instructed to hover over the ID to see more details.  These hover screens are called "mini-page layouts" and can be edited by following the steps in this articles:  Mini Page Layouts


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