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Learn How Search Works

If you want to get the most out of Propertybase, make the search bar your friend. The global search will look through all records and values found in custom fields as well as longer text fields. Over time it will learn which Propertybase features you use the most and display those first - the more you use it, the smarter it gets.

Recent Items

When you first click into the search bar, it will display your five most recent items.


When you start typing the search engine will suggest some possible matches.

Default Search

If what you are looking for is not in recent items or suggested by the search engine, simply hit enter and the system will display full results from your search.

Search By Object

By default, the search engine displays results for the objects you use most frequently. If you want to search by a specific object. Simply click the objects name under search results on the left side of the screen. If you need an object that is not displayed in the list, click show more at the bottom of the object list.

Once you begin to enter text a box will drop down to suggest recently viewed items. Additionally, you can click on Search Options to narrow the scope of your search to specific objects. When searching Wild Card operators can also be used to improve search results.

  • * (asterisk) -  Use * to match one or more characters. This will bring up all records and data in the organization that start with this value.
  • ? (question mark) - use ? to match a single character. For example Jo?n. This will bring up results such as John or Joan.

The search results will be grouped by object as demonstrated below. On the left hand side you are able to sort based on the object you use most. Use the pins to customize the sort. By clicking the "Options..." link you can "limit to items I own" or "exact phrase". If you would like to have the fields that appear in the list view customized, please contact your Administrator.


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