Wizard Adjustments for Companies, Contacts and Listings


The custom record creation wizards are great tools to get the fields you want filled out when creating a record, while also checking for duplicates! You are able to edit these wizards for the Company, Contact and Listing Objects. These wizards appear when clicking on the "New" button to create new Company, Contact or Listing records.

You need only go the Settings tab to add or eliminate the fields in the wizard settings. 

  • If Settings is not an option in the displayed tabs. Lightning: Click the dial pad next to Home. Classic:Click on the + sign at the end of your Tab menu
  • Select 'Settings' tab








How To Modify Settings (example: Contact)

Now that you have located the Settings tab, practice adding some fields to the contact wizard.

* original Classic image *


* Lightning Experience image * 

    •  From Settings, click New to create a new setting
    • Name the setting as you find appropriate, e.g. New Contact Form; New Contact Wizard
    • Copy to Key field: contactNewWizard_contactFields
    • Enter values using the Field Name/API Name of the field (see examples below) and should be separated by a semicolon (;). For instance (you can simply copy/paste this) Email;MobilePhone;Birthdate;Spouse__c;Spouse_Email__c;RecordTypeID
      • NOTE: Salutation, First Name, Last Name and Company will always appear on the contact wizard
Field Name on Standard Fields 
API Name on Custom Fields 
Return to the Contact tab and click the New button to view and fill your new fields. 


Additional Customizing Settings

As noted earlier, you are able to alter the fields in the Company, Contact and Listing Wizards.  In addition to altering the contact wizard, you can select which fields will be used to check for de-duplication. The following are the different settings that need to add/remove fields from the wizard. If even company contacts are created with the record type "Individual Client" please make sure that for all profile in your ORG the "default record type" for contacts is "Company Contact".
COMPANY WIZARD: This wizard is not turned on by default and will need to be activated manually. To turn on the new Company Wizard simply follow these steps:
  1. Go to Setup > Customize > Accounts > Buttons and Links
  2. Click on Edit next to the NEW button
  3. At 'Override With' select the checkbox with Visualforce Page and add: AccountNewWizard [pba__AccountNewWizard]
  4. Click Save and you will have the new wizard for companies
The following are additional setting you can use to customize the wizard to your taste:
To add/remove fields use this KEY: accountNewWizard_accountFields
These fields will always appear on the wizard Company Name
You are also able to modify which fields are used to find duplicate records with: accountDuplicateFinder_compareFields


To add/remove fields use this key: contactNewWizard_contactFields
These fields will always appear on the wizard Salutation, First Name, Last Name, Company
You are also able to modify which fields are used to find duplicate records with: contactDuplicateFinder_compareFields
This setting displays the fields that your wish to view while comparing dups'


Setting Value (Examples)


To add/remove fields use this key: listingNewWizard_listingFields
These fields will always appear on the wizard Record Type, Title (Name), Address
Setting Value (Examples) pba__City_pb__c;pba__PostalCode_pb__c



What are companies in Propertybase?

Companies are records of other businesses that you have a relationship with. These can be leads, customers or even partner companies.

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