Adding Settings to Propertybase

The majority of the Propertybase customizations are done, by adding a setting to your ORG to define the new behavior you want to produce. Propertybase comes with multiple settings that you will find through the knowledge base. To add a setting you will need to go to the Settings object, here is how to find it:

  • Click the + sign at the end of your Tabs menu

  • Go into the Settings object found in the right column in the list of objects


  • Make sure the setting doesn't already exist by clicking the Go! button and checking all of the settings currently there. If you can't find it and a new setting by pressing the New button

  • Settings consist of two parts, the Key which is the title of the settings and the values where you add the specific customizations. These values are entered depending on the instructions provided. 

Finally click Save and your new Setting will be in action!


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