Propertybase integration with Cirrus Insight - Gmail or Outlook



Working with Gmail or Outlook and Propertybase can't get any easier with the Cirrus Insight application add-on! With a simple download of the application on their website (Click Here) you will be able to login to your Gmail account and find the Cirrus pop up tool to the right. Expanding the tool you will be able to see all your Propertybase data from within your Gmail account.

Off the back you can tell whether one of your contacts in Gmail is already found in Propertybase by observing the circle next to their name. If the circle is a solid blue you will know that this contact is in the system, if the circle is empty you know that the contact needs to be added to Propertybase. 

The following image goes through each of the icons available in the Cirrus tool and provides a brief explanation:

    1. Cirrus icon - Upon pressing this icon the tool will either expand or collapse in your gmail.
    2. Magnifying glass - Use this icon to search all your contacts by name or email address in your Propertybase org
    3. Checkbox -  View and edit all of the tasks associated with this particular contact
    4. Snapshot - Provides the basic information found in Propertybase for quick identification and history.
    5. Profile - View the contact details and use the cloud icon to jump into Propertybase and view the full record.
    6. Calendar icon - View, edit and create any type of activity directly from your gmail! Speeding up your performance by avoiding moving to and from applications
    7. Briefcase - This icon is not supported by Propertybase.
    8. Related Lists - See all related records to the contact within Propertybase
    9. Gear icon - Here you can find the settings for adding your gmail accounts, calendar syncing and whether or not to save attachments in the Chatter feed
    10. Question mark - As usual is the Help section of the tool and here you will find answers to any further questions that may arise about this great tool.

You can find out more about the add on and how to get a 20% discount off Cirrus Insight with Propertybase checking out the site or our blog post Propertybase CRM Integrates with Gmail


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