Editing Picklist Values

In Propertybase you have the functionality to add, remove and edit picklists.


Step 1: Find Field

The first step is to find the field you want to edit as the location of the field will differ if it is on a Salesforce Standard object or a Propertybase custom object. You can also use the Force.com Quick Access Menu to View Fields. Jump to Step 2 if you use this.


Standard Object (Contact / Account)

If you want to edit a field that is on a standard object, go to Setup  > Build > Customize > Contacts / Accounts > Fields.  Select the object you want to edit. 

Find the field with the picklist values to be edited.  Click the field name to access the properties of the field and edit the picklist values.  

Custom Object (Request / Enquiry / Listing / Property / Offer)

To edit a custom object such as  Request, Listing, Property or Offer, you must go to Setup  > search 'Objects' in the quick find box > under Create, click Objects.

Select the object which has the field you want to edit.

Find the field you want to edit the picklist values and click on the  name of the field to access the properties of the field. 

Step 2: Edit Picklist Values

In this example we will add a new Picklist value titled "Call In" to the 'Lead Source' field on the Contact object. 

Locate the field and click the field name (not the action 'Edit').  The picklist values are at the bottom of the page. 

You can create a new value by clicking New.

Attention: Add the new value and make sure you mark the record type checkboxes to add the value to that page layout.  Any checkbox left unmarked will not contain the new value. Here we have chosen to add the value 'Call In'.

Now save the the new value.


The value does not appear on the record.

When adding the pick list value you forgot to make it visible to the record type of the record you are viewing.

There are 2 possible ways to resolve this :

Method 1

Step 1 - Go to the force.com pull out menu from the offending record and select the View Record Type. This will enable you to fix the picklist values visibility for the record type you are viewing.


Go to the record types for the object and add the picklist value to each record type.

 In our example case lets assume we forgot to add the "Call In" to the record type on the Lead Source field on the Contacts object. Go to Setup | Customize | Contacts | Record Type 

Once in the Object settings, scroll down to the  Record Type  section. You will need to go into each available record type and make sure that the values of the picklist are available. To continue this example in the Contact object select: Individual Client

Step 2 - On the next screen you will see the Picklists Available for Editing section. Since we edited the 'Lead Source' field, we need to edit this picklist.

After selecting Edit, you will see a list of the available values to add to the picklist.

Select "Call In" and move it from the Available Values list to the Selected Values list by clicking the Add button.

Save and your picklist is update.

Method 2 - You can delete the value and recreate or replace it making sure you selected the Record Types. This is easy if you only have one value, if you have multiple use the other methods.

Example if I want to delete the Buyers value and replace it with Buyer. Hit the Del link and the next page it will give you option to replace it with other values in your list.




Global Picklist Values

If you want to work with Global Picklist Values, take this into consideration:

  • Property and listing picklists need to inherit from the same global picklist and support same values
  • The global picklist needs to be assigned to all affected record types
  • User profile do need to have permissions on all the picklist field
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