How to Setup Users

Adding a user is a 2 step process:

Step 1: Create a new user record.

Step 2: Attach a Propertybase license to the user record.


What are users in Propertybase?

Users are your colleagues who will collaborate with you in business. Using roles and profiles enables your users to get access to the data and the functionalities that they need within Propertybase.

Why are users important?

Understanding how your users roles and profiles permit or restrict their access to data and functionalities in the applications is important in any organization. You can also add custom fields to the user object to track important data about your employees on their record in Propertybase.

Step 1 : Creating a New User Record

Adding users to Propertybase

  • Click Setup | Administration Setup | Manage Users | Users.
  • Click, 'New User'.
  • Enter all relevant data and required red bar fields.
  • Click 'Save'.
  • Proceed to Step 2.

Roles, Licenses and Profiles

For 'User License', select "Salesforce Platform" for all your users (Administrators Excepted). 

Salesforce License = Admin user
Salesforce Platform License = Regular user  

For 'Profile' you can select one of two categories: PB Superuser or PB Agent. 

If your company is more public and users will be given permission to read/write almost everything then select PB Superuser. If the user will just be managing his/hers owned contacts, accounts, inventory etc. only and not dealing with anything special (e.g. reporting and mass emailing) then choose PB Agent.

Note: Your system administrator will have a 'User License' of Salesforce and a 'Profile' of a PB Administrator.

For 'Role', leave blank unless your Admin has setup Roles.

For more information on Roles and Profiles please consult this help file.


Step 2: Attaching a Propertybase License to the user record.

Every user requires a Propertybase license attached to their user record. This will enable them to use all Propertybase Objects. 

To assign a Propertybase license to the user:

  • Click Setup and under the Build section click on "Installed Packages".
  • Click on the link "Manage Licenses" next to "Propertybase".
  • Click on "Add users" and select the users, you like to have access to Propertybase.

1When a new user logs in they are unable to see any Propertybase tabs?

Check if you have assigned a Propertybase license to their user record, see instructions in Step 2 .

2. User is unable to login or change password.

As an administrator you are able to force a password reset by clicking on the "Reset Password" button on the user record.

For more information on debugging login issues please review this help file.

3. I have changed the users email address on their user record but it is not changing when I save.

When you change a users email address on their user record the user is sent an email to Authenticate the change. The email address on the user record will not change until the user Authenticates the change of email address.

4. How do I Deactivate a User?

If an employee leaves your company and is replaced by another employee, it is a best practice to deactivate the old user and create a new user. Please never just exchange the username and email address as this will effect all the history tracking for this user.

For more information on deactivating users please consult this help file.

5. Licenses not Available?

Make sure you remove old users or inactive users to use the Propertybase Licenses

1. Click Setup | Build | Installed Packages.
2. Click on the link "Manage Licenses" next to "Propertybase"
3. Click on "Remove" next to the user you have deactivated

There is a Show More link if you have lots of users.

6. How many licenses do I currently have?

Your account has both Salesforce licenses and Propertybase licenses.
To check how many Salesforce licenses you have see below:

1. Click Setup and under the Administer section click on Company Information.
2. Within the User Licenses section you will be able to view how many "Salesforce" and how many "Salesforce Platform" licenses you have.

To check how many Propertybase licenses you have see below:

1. Click Setup and under the Build section click on "Installed Packages".
2. Click on "Propertybase" and you will see how many licenses you have "Allowed" and how many are "Used"

7. Login Challenge
Some times you receive a Login Challenge because you are logging in from an unknown device, here is how to fix that issue in this help file.

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