How to Setup Users

Users in Propertybase are colleagues within your real estate organization. Additionally, by using roles and profiles you can decide what areas and features of Propertybase users have access to. Because of this, it's important to understand how user roles and permission work. This knowledge will allow you to permit or restrict access to certain data or business functions, as well as add custom fields to the User object and track important information about your employees.

Note: Creating a new user is a two-step process. Please follow both steps as described below.

Creating a New User

There are two parts to creating a new user in Propertybase. First, you must enter user details and second, you must assign a Propertybase license to the newly created user. Let's review that process below.

  • Click the gear icon in the top right of the screen, then click Setup.
  • Next, click Users in the left hand menu.
  • On the next page, click New User.

On the new user page, fill out all relevant data and required fields (indicated by a red bar next to the field.)

  • For User License select either Salesforce Platform OR Salesforce.
Salesforce Platform Salesforce
Select this User License for regular users. Select this User License for admin users.
  • For Profile select either PB Agent OR PB Superuser.
PB Agent PB Superuser
Select this Profile if the User will only be managing his/her own contacts, accounts, listing inventory, etc. Select this Profile if the User will be managing all data in your Propertybase account.

Leave "Role" empty, unless your Propertybase account has user roles and profiles configured.

  • When finished, click Save.

Note: If you run into issues with the process above, try switching to the Salesforce Classic interface and completing the new user task again.

Done! You have successfully created a new user in Propertybase. Scroll to the top of the page and click the Attaching Licenses tab for instructions on how to attach a Propertybase license to your newly created user.

Attaching Licenses

In order to access Propertybase objects and features, every user must have a Propertybase license attached to it. For more information, follow the steps below.

  • In the Setup menu, search for Installed Packages then click.
  • On the following screen, click Manage Licenses next to Propertybase.
  • Next, click Add Users.
  • Select the User(s) you would like to attach a license to.
  • Click Add.

Done! You have successfully created a user and attached a Propertybase license to it.


I created a new user, but when they login, they cannot see any Propertybase tabs.

This is because the user does not have a Propertybase license attached to it. Follow the instructions in the "Attaching Licenses" tab in this article.

A user is unable to login or change their password.

As the administrator, you can force a password reset from the User Record screen. You can find this button on the Users page in the Setup menu.

I have updated a user email address, but it is not changing when I click save.

When you change a users email address, Propertybase automatically sends an authentication email to the new email address. The authentication link contained in the email must be clicked to confirm the change.

How do I delete a user?

In Propertybase you cannot delete a user, however you can deactivate them. This is effectively the same thing, except you have the opportunity to reactivate the user in the future. You cannot completely delete a user because it would delete all records associated with that user - which could cause major problems in your account. Never re-use a former user for a new user by renaming it. It will also rename the history on record changes the former user made!

To deactivate a user, simply open the user record, uncheck the "active" field and click save.

The system is telling me that no licenses are available.

If you are positive you have Propertybase licenses available, but the system is telling you otherwise, this is probably because a deactivated user still has a license attached to it. Make sure to remove the attached Propertybase license when deactivating a user or any other user that does not have the Active checkbox checked. Deactivate a User

How do I know how many licenses I have left?

Salesforce Licenses Propertybase Licenses
To check how many Salesforce licenses you have available, go to the Company Information screen from the Setup menu. This page will display the number of "total" and "used" licenses on your account. To check how many Propertybase licenses you have available, go to the Installed Packages screen in the Setup menu. The number of "Allowed" and "Used" licenses will be displayed on this page next to Propertybase.

Adding a user is a 2 step process:

Step 1: Create a new user record.

Step 2: Attach a Propertybase license to the user record.


What are users in Propertybase?

Users are your colleagues who will collaborate with you in business. Using roles and profiles enables your users to get access to the data and the functionalities that they need within Propertybase.

Why are users important?

Understanding how your users roles and profiles permit or restrict their access to data and functionalities in the applications is important in any organization. You can also add custom fields to the user object to track important data about your employees on their record in Propertybase.

Step 1

Step 1 : Creating a New User Record

Adding users to Propertybase

  • Click Setup | Administration Setup | Manage Users | Users.
  • Click, 'New User'.
  • Enter all relevant data and required red bar fields.
  • Click 'Save'.
  • Proceed to Step 2.

Roles, Licenses and Profiles

For 'User License', select "Salesforce Platform" for all your users (Administrators Excepted). 

Salesforce License = Admin user
Salesforce Platform License = Regular user  

For 'Profile' you can select one of two categories: PB Superuser or PB Agent. 

If your company is more public and users will be given permission to read/write almost everything then select PB Superuser. If the user will just be managing his/hers owned contacts, accounts, inventory etc. only and not dealing with anything special (e.g. reporting and mass emailing) then choose PB Agent.

Note: Your system administrator will have a 'User License' of Salesforce and a 'Profile' of a PB Administrator.

For 'Role', leave blank unless your Admin has setup Roles.

For more information on Roles and Profiles please consult this help file.


Step 2

Step 2: Attaching a Propertybase License to the user record.

Every user requires a Propertybase license attached to their user record. This will enable them to use all Propertybase Objects. 

To assign a Propertybase license to the user:

  • Click Setup and under the Build section click on "Installed Packages".
  • Click on the link "Manage Licenses" next to "Propertybase".
  • Click on "Add users" and select the users, you like to have access to Propertybase.
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