Bulkinator - Uploading documents in bulk to Property Media

Getting started with Bulkinator

Bulkinator enables you to upload your Listing images and documents via a bulk processor.

To use Bulkinator, your media files will need to be hosted on a publicly accessible server, so that the processor can access the files.

Preparing your Bulkinator file:

   To prepare your Bulkinator file follow these steps;

  1. Open the attached csv file at the bottom of this page, called 'Bulkinator Template'. This is the Template you will need to prepare your upload file.

  2. Create a 'Listing with Properties Report', adding a filter to create a report of the Listings you would like to update. Include the column Property ID & Listing title. Export your Report and add your Listing titles and Property: Record IDs to the template.

  3. Then for your media files add the the filename & extension (1.jpg, 2.jpg etc) and Tags for the document type (Interior, Exterior, Floorplan etc) to the template file in the respective columns. They must be on a public available server like Dropbox, AmazonS3, etc. It must NOT be your local hard drive or local internally shared drive!

  4. Mark the value TRUE/FALSE in the Website, Expose and Portal fields. This will determine if the image/document is available to other Websites/Portals. If it is not entered, the documents will be loaded with no external access until updated manually or in bulk using Data Loader.

  5. Remove the Column Listing: Title

  6. Rename Property:Record ID to PropertyID, so your file looks like this:

  7. Save as a CSV file in UTF-8 format with a unique name. 

You can now access the Bulkinator uploader to upload Property Media yourself via the following link https://bulkinator.propertybase.com/.



  • Where do I find the Property ID for each Listing? Each of your Listings is linked to a Property record. You can find the Property ID in the Property record URL and it is 18 digits. For example a0O28000001QsSj.

  • Where should my files be saved to be loaded via Bulkinator? You should have your documents in a folder on a server which can be accessed from the Internet. Like Dropbox, AmazonS3, etc.
    Simply include the file URLs for with each file in your upload file

  • What is the difference between Title and Filename? The filename is saved in the Propertybase Storage. With this column you can e.g. remove confidential information like the exact address of the property if this was used in the original image filename. The Title can e.g. be shown on your website or on portals.

  • Do I need the columns "Title" and "Filename"? 
    The title of the image. If no title is specified, the file name is used.
    Can be used to change the filename of the uploaded image to something other than the current file name upon upload.
    If filename is also not present, the ending part of the image/media URL (original filename) will be taken as file name.

  • Once I have prepared my file how is it processed? Simply send your Bulkinator request to support@propertybase.com and we will notify you once this has been processed. Make sure you grant login access to Support and provide your login credentials and security token in the support request, so that the upload can be processed for you.

  • Can I upload Property Media in bulk myself? Yes you can now access the Bulkinator uploader to upload Property Media yourself, via the following link https://bulkinator.propertybase.com/.

  • How can I Report on Property Media and update the access to Website & Portals? You can create a Property Media Object report and update the access fields in Data Loader

  • How do I add a new Tag to the picklist options? Go to Set up> Objects > Property Media > go to the field for Tags and click on the field name and then edit/add to the pick list options

  • What are the file size and data upload limits?
    See the last section of the Managing Pictures and Videos article

  • Can you use Dropbox to create the URL?
    Yes, but you will need to change the URL to dl=1 at the end of the URL. 
    Original URL from Dropbox     https://www.dropbox.com/s/........PNG?dl=0
    Now                                           https://www.dropbox.com/s/........PNG?dl=1
  • My upload thumbnails are not displaying correctly When you run a Property Media report the "URL" field should be the same as the "Thumbnail URL". If they are different, bulk update the Thumbnail URL with the URL field.
  • Can you store the images on an External server, not Propertybase servers?
    Yes you will need to mark the field External to True or 1 to mark this image as external link. External links will not be copied to our storage on S3 but will create a PropertyMedia object with a link to the file's URL.
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