Data Import Tools - Importing your Data

Data Tools Overview

There are 3 Main Data Tools Propertybase recommends to import your data into Propertybase.

  1. Data Loader
  3. Import Wizard

Not sure which data import tool to use? Check out the video below!


Click the links below for more information preparing your data and using the different Data Tools, including import templates and process guides. 

Preparing your Data

To import your Data into Propertybase, you will need to prepare your Templates for each Propertybase Object and it is recommended to load the Data in the following order.

  1. Add new Companies - all the business you deal with, for example Builders, Solicitors, Agencies etc
  2. Add new Company Contacts - Contacts linked back to the Company, where the SystemisIndividual field =FALSE (which will default/assign the Company Contact record type)
  3. Add new Individual Contacts - Contacts, not linked to a Company record, for example Contact Type = Buyer and Systemisindividual=TRUE (which assigns the Individual Contact record type). Note due to the Salesforce requirement all Contacts are required to be linked to a 'Company'. However in Propertybase for the individual contact, the Company is not an actual record and is only a 'ghost' record in background to meet this Salesforce requirement.
  4. Add new Enquiries/Requests which are linked back to the Contact. You can also "link" Requests to a Listing, by creating Favourite records.
  5. Add new Listings (Project or Individual Listings) which may or may not be linked to a Master Project/Building/Stage.
  6. Add new Offers/Contracts which are linked back to the Listing & Purchaser via a look up field to a Contact.

Formatting your Data

  • Export your database from other CRM systems into excel format
  • Separate your data into the Propertybase Objects
  • Remove any duplicates using the excel data tools
  • Reformat date fields to the required format MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY
  • Reformat phone number fields with a space eg XXXX XXX XXX 
  • A more detailed instruction on formatting can be found in this article:


Data Loader

Use Data Loader to export, import, delete and update Propertybase Objects Companies, Contacts, Enquiries/Requests, Listings & Offers.

Download Data Loader for Windows or Mac and login to the Data Loader with your Propertybase Login details. You will need to your Security Token or to add your IP address to Network Access in your Admin Setup area.


How to get started with Data Loader;

    1. Login with your credentials & security token
    2. Select insert /update and select the Object and upload your (example csv files attached).
    3. Auto-map the fields and import the records for your insert/ update operation

Click below to view the Overview Video.

Click below to view the Overview Video.


Getting started with

Import Wizard


The import wizard is a built in functionality in Salesforce to import data for many standard Salesforce objects, including accounts, contacts, leads, solutions, and person accounts. You can also import data for custom objects and update campaign member statuses. You can import up to 50,000 records at a time.

To start the Data Import Wizard go to Setup and type the "quick search box": Data Import Wizard:

Then you have to follow the steps described here:


Q1) How can I schedule a regular Data export?

It is recommended to back up your data on a regular basis. You can schedule a regular export back up via Set up > Data Export. Please refer to this Help file for further instructions.

Q2) How can I bulk upload Project Listings?

Please refer to the attached guide on using the Import Wizards

Q3) How can I bulk upload Property Media to Listings?

Please refer to the Bulkinator Help file and send through your upload request to Click here to view this Help article.

Q4) How do I find my security token to access Data Loader?

Please refer to the Help file on security tokens. Click here to view this Help article.

Q5) I keep getting errors even after following these steps. 

Refer to the API Mode on the Summary page in step 4: Run.

Records moving from Salesforce are processed in increments of this size. The maximum value is 200.  We recommend a value between 50 and 100. 

Try changing the API Mode on the Summary page to process the data in smaller batches. 


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