How to Create a View


What are views in Propertybase?

Views are the key to accessing your data. Views are simply filtered lists of your data in Propertybase, allowing you to specify what you want to see, and how you want it to be represented to you in your profile.


Why are views important?

Views can be created on any Propertybase object. It's important to know how you can access your data, and how to make the views available to who needs them.


How to customize a view?

To create a custom view click the relevant tab e.g., Company, Contact, Listing etc.. Click the 'Create New View' link next to the view drop down menu, as below. If you can't see this link please contact your Administrator, as your Profile needs this permission set.

This link will open the 'Create New View' Screen. Then go through each of the steps.

  • Step 1 - Enter the name of the new view which you would like displayed in the drop down view menu.
  • Step 2 - Filters are applied in step two. You can add filters base on standard and custom fields as seen below. In this example, we will see 'all contacts created today'. It is possible to add multiple field criteria and change the filter logic for a more in depth list view.
  • Step 3 - Will allow you to select fields to display in the view. Default fields are automatically selected. There is a maximum of 15 different fields to display in your view. Only fields that are displayed on the page layout are available. If a long text area field is selected, up to 255 characters are displayed.
  • *Step 4 will only be visible for system administrators to push these views to all users or to keep them private.


Upon finishing your list view simply click the "Save" button.

When adding date fields there a various formats and literals that can be used. Find out more: Date Formats and Date Literals

Advanced - Bulk Edit Records from Views

If you want to use views to edit many records easily, you can activate inline editing. Please make sure that you have limited the view to one record type. Read more here.

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