Website Field Mapping

Use the tabs below to view Propertybase Website fields and their corresponding field in the Propertybase CRM. Each tab indicates the direction in which data synchronizes. Alternatively, click here to view these fields in a spreadsheet.

The table below lists all fields that syncronize data to the Propertybase CRM.

CRM Object CRM Field Website Object Website Field
Contact LandingPageURL Lead landing_page
Contact LastActive Lead last_active
Contact LeadSource -- --
Contact MailingCity Lead city
Contact MailingCountry Lead country_name
Contact MailingPostalCode Lead zip_code
Contact MailingState Lead state
Contact MailingStreet Lead address
Contact MobilePhone Lead phone2
Contact OtherPhone Lead phone3
Contact Phone Lead phone1
Contact ReferralSource Lead referral_source
Contact SearchTermUsed Lead search_term
Contact WebsiteId Lead id
Listing Acres_pb Property acres
Listing Address_pb Property street_number
Listing Address_pb Property street_name
Listing City_pb Property town_name
Listing Area_pb Property area_name
Listing BackAgentMls Property back_agent_mls
Listing BankOwned Property bank_owned
Listing Basement_pb Property basement
Listing Beachfront Property beachfront
Listing Bedrooms_pb Property bedrooms
Listing BuildingStyle Property building_style
Listing ColistingAgentMlsId Property colisting_agent_mls_id
Listing ColistingAgentName Property colisting_agent_name
Listing ColistingOfficeMlsId Property colisting_office_mls_id
Listing ColistingOfficeName_pb Property colisting_office_name
Listing ContingentDate Property contingent_date
Listing ContractDate Property contract_date
Listing CosellingAgentMlsId Property coselling_agent_mls_id
Listing CosellingAgentName Property coselling_agent_name
Listing CosellingOfficeMlsId Property coselling_office_mls_id
Listing CosellingOfficeName_pb Property coselling_office_name
Listing County_pb Property county_name
Listing Description_pb Property description
Listing DisplayAddress Property display_address
Listing Floor Property living_level
Listing FullBathrooms_pb Property full_bathrooms
Listing HalfBathrooms_pb Property half_bathrooms
Listing HoaFees Property condo_fees
Listing Latitude_pb Property latitude
Listing ListingAgentMlsId Property list_agent_mls_id
Listing ListingAgentName Property list_agent_name
Listing ListingPrice_pb Property price
Listing ListOfficeMlsId Property list_office_mls_id
Listing ListOfficeName Property list_office_name
Listing Longitude_pb Property longitude
Listing LotSize_pb Property lot_size
Listing MlsCreatedAt Property mls_created_at
Listing MlsId Property mls_id
Listing MlsName Property mls_name
Listing MlsResoOuId Property mls_reso_ouid
Listing MlsUpdatedAt Property mls_updated_at
Listing Name Property {street_number} {street_name}, #{unit_number}
Listing Neighborhood_pb Property neighborhood_name
Listing NotAvailableOnWebsite Property opt_out
Listing NumberOfParkingSpaces Property parking_spaces
Listing OffMarketDate Property off_market_date
Listing ParkingAvailable Property parking_available
Listing PendingDate Property pending_date
Listing PictureCount Property picture_count
Listing PostalCode_pb Property zip
Listing PreviousPrice Property previous_price
Listing PreviousStatus Property previous_status_name
Listing PriceChangedAt Property price_changed_at
Listing PropertySubType_pb Property property_sub_type_name
Listing PropertyType Property property_type_name
Listing QuarterBathrooms Property quarter_bathrooms
Listing SaleAgentMlsId Property sale_agent_mls_id
Listing SaleAgentName Property sale_agent_name
Listing SaleOfficeMlsId Property sale_office_mls_id
Listing SaleOfficeName Property sale_office_name
Listing SoldDate Property sold_date
Listing SoldPrice Property sold_price
Listing StateCode_pb Property state_abbreviation
Listing Status Property status_name
Listing StatusChangedAt Property status_changed_at
Listing SubArea Property sub_area_name
Listing Subdivision_pb Property subdivision_name
Listing Taxes_pb Property taxes
Listing ThreeQuarterBathrooms Property three_quarter_bathrooms
Listing TotalArea_pb Property square_footage
Listing UnitCount Property unit_count
Listing UnitLevel Property unit_level
Listing UnitNumber Property unit_number
Listing Waterfront_pb Property waterfront
Listing WebsiteCreatedAt Property created_at
Listing WebsiteID Property id
Listing WebsiteUpdatedAt Property updated_at
Listing YearBuilt_pb Property year_built
Website Listing - Favorite(s) ExternalCreatedDate Lead: Favorite Property created_at
Website Listing - Favorite ExternalUpdatedDate Lead: Favorite Property updated_at
Website Listing - Favorite MlsId Lead: Favorite Property mls_id
Website Listing - Favorite MlsName Lead: Favorite Property mls_name
Website Listing - Favorite Address Lead: Favorite Property property_address
Website Listing - Favorite Contact Lead: Favorite Property lead_id
Website Listing - Favorite BostonLogicId Lead: Favorite Property id
Website Listing - Favorite pba__Listing -- mls_id
Website Listing - View ExternalCreatedDate Lead: Property View created_at
Website Listing - View Address Lead: Property View property_address
Website Listing - View MlsId Lead: Property View mls_id
Website Listing - View MlsName Lead: Property View mls_name
Website Listing - View Contact Lead: Property View lead_id
Website Listing - View PropertyId Lead: Property View property_id
Website Listing - View pba__Listing -- mls_id
Website Listing - Note ExternalCreatedDate Lead: Property Note created_at
Website Listing - Note ExternalUpdatedDate Lead: Property Note updated_at
Website Listing - Note MlsId Lead: Property Note mls_id
Website Listing - Note MlsName Lead: Property Note mls_name
Website Listing - Note Address Lead: Property Note property_address
Website Listing - Note Contact Lead: Property Note lead_id
Website Listing - Note Note Lead: Property Note note
Website Listing - Note BostonLogicId Lead: Property Note id
Website Listing - Note pba__Listing -- mls_id
Website Listing - Inquiry Comments Lead: Inquiry comments
Website Listing - Inquiry ExternalCreatedDate Lead: Inquiry created_at
Website Listing - Inquiry ExternalUpdatedDate Lead: Inquiry updated_at
Website Listing - Inquiry Address Lead: Inquiry property_address
Website Listing - Inquiry MlsId Lead: Inquiry property_mls_id
Website Listing - Inquiry MlsName Lead: Inquiry property_mls_name
Website Listing - Inquiry LuxuryBuildingName Lead: Inquiry luxury_building_name
Website Listing - Inquiry Contact Lead: Inquiry lead_id
Website Listing - Inquiry pba__Listing -- mls_id
Website Listing - Showing Comments Lead: Showing comments
Website Listing - Showing ExternalCreatedDate Lead: Showing created_at
Website Listing - Showing ExternalUpdatedDate Lead: Showing updated_at
Website Listing - Showing Address Lead: Showing property_address
Website Listing - Showing MlsId Lead: Showing property_mls_id
Website Listing - Showing MlsName Lead: Showing property_mls_name
Website Listing - Showing LuxuryBuildingName Lead: Showing luxury_building_name
Website Listing - Showing ShowingTime Lead: Showing showing_time
Website Listing - Showing Contact Lead: Showing lead_id
Website Listing - Showing pba__Listing -- mls_id
Website Listing - Share ToName Lead: Email Friends to_name
Website Listing - Share ToEmail Lead: Email Friends to_email
Website Listing - Share ExternalCreatedDate Lead: Email Friends created_at
Website Listing - Share Address Lead: Email Friends property_address
Website Listing - Share MlsId Lead: Email Friends property_mls_id
Website Listing - Share MlsName Lead: Email Friends property_mls_name
Website Listing - Share LuxuryBuildingName Lead: Email Friends luxury_building_name
Website Listing - Share Contact Lead: Email Friends lead_id
Website Listing - Share pba__Listing -- mls_id
Website Listing - Contact Form ExternalCreatedDate Lead: Contact Form created_at
Website Listing - Contact Form AgentName Lead: Contact Form agent_name
Website Listing - Contact Form Comments Lead: Contact Form comments
Website Listing - Contact Form OfficeName Lead: Contact Form office_name
Website Listing - Contact Form Contact Lead: Contact Form lead_id
Website Listing - Contact Form OfficeId Lead: Contact Form office_id
Website Listing - Contact Form EmployeeId Lead: Contact Form employee_id
Website Listing - Contact Form EmployeeName Lead: Contact Form employee_name
Website Listing - Contact Form Agent Lead: Contact Form agent_id

The table below lists all fields that syncronize data to Propertybase Websites.

CRM Object CRM Field Website Object Website Field
User Bio_pb Agent bio
User ActiveRainURL Agent active_rain_url
User AutoAssignable Agent auto_assignable
User BlogURL Agent blog_url
User Certifications Agent agent_accreditations
User City Agent city
User DisplayOnWebsite Agent display
User DisplayPropertiesOnWebsite Agent display_properties
User Email Agent email
User Extension Agent office_phone_ext
User FacebookURL Agent facebook_url
User Fax Agent fax
User FaxNumber Agent fax_ext
User FirstName Agent first_name
User FlickrURL Agent flickr_url
User FoursquareURL Agent foursquare_url
User InstagramURL Agent instagram_url
User LastName Agent last_name
User LicenseDate Agent license_date
User LicenseNumber Agent license_number
User LicenseNumber2 Agent license_number_2
User LinkedinURL Agent linkedin_url
User MLS1Code Agent agent_mls_ids
User MLS1Id Agent agent_mls_ids
User MobilePhone Agent cell_phone
User NARRealtor Agent nar_realtor
User Phone Agent office_phone
User PinterestURL Agent pinterest_url
User PlaxoURL Agent plaxo_url
User PostalCode Agent zipcode
User ProfilePhotoURL Agent photo_url
User SpokenLanguages Agent spoken_languages_ids
User State Agent state
User Street(Line1) Agent address1
User Street(Line2) Agent address2
User Title Agent title
User TumblrURL Agent tumblr_url
User TwitterURL Agent twitter_url
User VimeoURL Agent vimeo_url
User WebsiteRole Agent or Employee --
User WebsiteURL Agent website
User YelpURL Agent yelp_url
User YoutubeURL Agent youtube_url

The table below lists all fields that syncronize data between both the Propertybase CRM and Websites.

CRM Object CRM Field Website Object Website Field
Contact Email Lead email
Contact FirstName Lead first_name
Contact LastName Lead last_name
Contact Contact Owner Lead agent_id
Request AcreMax SavedSearch max_acre
Request AcreMin SavedSearch min_acre
Request Address_pb SavedSearch full_address
Request AdultCommunity SavedSearch adult_community
Request AgentFirstName SavedSearch agent_first
Request AgentLastName SavedSearch agent_last
Request BankOwned SavedSearch bank_owned
Request Basement_pb SavedSearch basement
Request BasementType SavedSearch basement_type
Request Beachfront SavedSearch beachfront
Request Bedrooms_pb_max SavedSearch max_beds
Request Bedrooms_pb_min SavedSearch min_beds
Request BodyOfWater SavedSearch body_of_water
Request Construction_pb SavedSearch construction
Request CoolingType SavedSearch cooling_type
Request Description_pb SavedSearch name
Request DevelopmentName SavedSearch development_name
Request Dock_pb SavedSearch dock
Request EmailFrequency Saved Search frequency
Request Fireplace_pb SavedSearch fireplace
Request FlooringType SavedSearch flooring_type
Request FullBathrooms_pb_max SavedSearch max_baths
Request FullBathrooms_pb_min SavedSearch min_baths
Request Furnished_pb SavedSearch furnished
Request GarageSpaceMax SavedSearch garage_space_max
Request GarageSpaceMin SavedSearch garage_space_min
Request HeatType SavedSearch heat_type
Request Historic SavedSearch historic
Request HOAFeesMax SavedSearch max_hoa_fees
Request HOAFeesMin SavedSearch min_hoa_fees
Request Keywords_pb SavedSearch keywords
Request ListingOffice SavedSearch listing_office
Request ListingPrice_pb_max SavedSearch max_price
Request ListingPrice_pb_min SavedSearch min_price
Request LocationKeywords SavedSearch location_keywords
Request MlsId SavedSearch mls_id
Request NewConstruction SavedSearch new_construction
Request ParkingAvailable SavedSearch parking
Request ParkingMin SavedSearch min_parking
Request PetsAllowed_pb SavedSearch pets_allowed
Request Pool_pb SavedSearch pool
Request PostalCode_pb SavedSearch zip_code
Request SaturdayOpenHouse SavedSearch saturday_open_house
Request School_pb SavedSearch school
Request Stories_pb SavedSearch stories
Request StoriesMax SavedSearch max_stories
Request StoriesMin SavedSearch min_stories
Request StreetName SavedSearch street_name
Request Style_pb SavedSearch style
Request SubdivisionName SavedSearch subdivision_name
Request SubType_pb SavedSearch sub_type
Request SundayOpenHouse SavedSearch sunday_open_house
Request SystemIsActive SavedSearch active
Request ThisWeekOpenHouse SavedSearch this_week_open_house
Request TotalArea_pb_max SavedSearch max_sf
Request TotalArea_pb_min SavedSearch min_sf
Request UnitsMax SavedSearch max_units
Request UnitsMin SavedSearch min_units
Request Waterfront_pb SavedSearch waterfront
Request WaterView SavedSearch water_view
Request Yard_pb SavedSearch yard
Request YearBuilt_pb_max SavedSearch max_year
Request YearBuilt_pb_min SavedSearch min_year

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I control which fields sync data to which platforms?

No, not at this time. The sync direction for fields are as shown in the other tabs on this page.

Will blank fields in one system (i.e. CRM) overwrite fields in another (i.e. Websites)?

No. If a field is blank in your CRM it will not overwrite data on your Website.

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