User Image Upload

We have added a new Image Upload option with a new Visualforce page for Propertybase v1.614 and higher to host your photo's within the CRM! This allows you to host and display photos with ease. To add this Visualforce page to your CRM, follow the steps below.



First, you'll need to go into your profile in the top right:

 Once in the Profile page, you will use the Settings icon (gear) to Edit Page:

At this point, you'll see Lightning Components on the left-hand side. If you scroll to the bottom of that list and find the Visualforce option, you can drag that over to the top of the components section and drop it. That will give you an open box to define on the right-hand side. There, under Visualforce Page Name you can search for User Image Upload:

Under User Image Upload you can set the height in pixels to 550. 

Once this is done, you can click Save in the top right:

Now, select the Back button to go back to your profile. 



From here, you can use the Choose file button to select the image you'd like to use by going to Choose file:

Please upload square profile images when you plan to use them in email templates or to sync Users with Propertybase websites. When using the image in a template, make sure you have added the correct image field to the template.

Users with the profiles PB Administrator and System Administrator have access to upload images on all users, users with other profiles only have access to their own image upload.

Once you're chosen picture is uploaded you'll have additional functionality to:

  • Copy the User Image with the icon to the right of the image URL:
  • Remove the Image:
  • Choose a new file or image:

Here is an example of the component once a photo has been uploaded:


Also, if you go into the User Detail button in the top right-hand corner,

you'll see you now have a URL for Profile Photo under Website Information (scroll down) that you can use to download, etc.:



And that's it, you're all set! You now have access to the new Image Upload feature! 


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