Middle East Property Portal Integration


Propertybase CRM now integrates with the property portals Dubizzle and Propertyfinder.ae for all our interested clients in the Middle East! No more need to track your listings in multiple places, all can be done from within Propertybase and simply published to the portals that you are registered with.

If you are interested in adding this integration please contact your Account Executive for more details.

Portal Integration

The Middle East Portal package will need to be installed and setup by our support team. In order for support team to install the package they will need access to the ORG and a description of which of the portals you are registered with. Once setup is complete  you will find some additional new fields (prefixed with pba_uaefields__) and an additional listing page layout. Please use that page layout as your blueprint to adjust your rent and/or sale layouts accordingly. You must use the fields as listed below in order to successfully publish to these portals.


In order to make sure that a listing can be successfully published to the portal, be aware that the following fields are required:

  • Title
  • Price
  • Price Unit
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
     - For Propertyfinder 0 bedrooms is mapped to *Studio*
     - For Dubizzle *Studio* can be selected as a property type and is not related to the number of bedrooms
         > Please select "Propertytype "Studio" and enter "0" for bedrooms.
  • Size
  • Property Type
  • Property Sub Type
  • Listing Type
  • Description
  • Broker's Listing ID - ID used to identify the listing on the portal side

The following are optional fields that have been added that can be mapped to the portal fields:

  • Title (Arabic)
  • Developer
  • Available From
  • Available To
  • Measurement - Metric or Non-Metric
  • Description (Arabic)
  • Private Amenities  [Dubizzle Only]
  • Commercial Amenities  [Dubizzle Only]
  • Total Closing Fee  [Dubizzle Only]
  • Annual Community Fee  [Dubizzle Only]

The following tables provide an in depth overview of the fields used by Propertybase to map to both Dubizzle and Propertyfinder.


PB Dubbizle Field Mappings Dubizzle Fields
pba_uaefields__broker_s_listing_id refno
pba__description_pb description
pba__totalarea_pb size
pba_uaefields__total_closing_fee totalclosingfee
pba_uaefields__annual_community_fee annualcommunityfee
pba_uaefields__developer developer
pba__listing_agent_email contactemail
pba__listing_agent_phone contactnumber
pba_uaefields__building_dubizzle building
pba_uaefields__locationtext_dubizzle locationtext
pba_uaefields__private_amenities privateamenaties
pba_uaefields__commercial_amenities commercialamenities
pba__latitude_pb geopoint
pba__longitude_pb geopoint
pba__listingtype type
pba__bedrooms_pb bedrooms
pba__fullbathrooms_pb bathrooms
pba_uaefields__available_from ready by
pba_uaefields__property_sub_type subtype
pba_uaefields__city_dubizzle city
pba__listingprice_pb price
pba_uaefields__price_unit price (based on rent)
pba_uaefields__property_sub_type commercialtype
name title
pba_uaefields__available_from readyby


PB Propertyfinder Field Mappings Propertyfinder
pba_uaefields__property_sub_type property_type
pba__listingtype offering_type
pba_uaefields__broker_s_listing_id reference_number
pba__listingprice_pb price
pba_uaefields__price_unit price
pba_uaefields__city_propertyfinder city
pba_uaefields__community_propertyfinder community
pba_uaefields__sub_community_propertyfinder sub community
pba_uaefields__property_propertyfinder property_name
pba_uaefields__title_arabic title_ar
pba__description_pb description_en
pba_uaefields__description_arabic description_ar
pba__totalarea_pb sqft
pba__bedrooms_pb bedrrom
pba__fullbathrooms_pb bathroom
pba__listing_agent_firstname agent name
pba__listing_agent_lastname agent name
pba__listing_agent_email agent email
pba__listing_agent_phone agent phone
Name title
pba_uaefields__price_on_request price_on_application
pba_uaefields__service_charge service_charge
pba_uaefields__price_unit rental_period
pba_uaefields__number_of_cheques cheques
name title_en
pba_uaefields__private_amenities private_amenities
pba_uaefields__commercial_amenities commercial_amenities
pba_uaefields__view view
pba__lotsize_pb plot_size
pba__totalarea_pb size
pba_uaefields__developer_name developer
pba_uaefields__floor floor
pba_uaefields__stories floors_number
build_year pba__yearbuilt_pb
pba_uaefields__stories stories
pba_uaefields__parking parking
pba_uaefields__furnished furnished
pba__latitude_pb geopoints
pba__longitude_pb geopoints
pba__listing_agent_firstname + pba__listing_agent_lastname name
pba__listing_agent_email email
pba__listing_agent_phone phone
pba__listing_agent_photo photo
listing_agent_info info*

*Note: please create a custom text field, if you want to show info by creating the exact value in the field's API name as above, so listing_agent_info (don't worry about the __c that the system adds to it).

The Listing Agent details will automatically generate a Listing Agent ID in the feed needed for the portal.
The rule for that is:
3 first characters of pba__listing_agent_firstname__c
3 first characters of pba__listing_agent_lastname__c
3 first characters of pba__listing_agent_mobil_phone__c OR pba__listing_agent_phone__c

Add Address Lookup Components

In addition to this you will need to add 2 components to your page layout, one for Dubizzle, the other for Propertyfinder: The Dubizzle Selector and the Propertyfinder Fuzzy Finder. 

These are used to ensure that the correct address values are set that are acceptable by the portals. They are mandatory. There are two different components due to the fact that each portal treats their locations a bit differently.

On the page layout it can look e.g. like here:


Dubizzle Selector

When using the Dubizzle Selector the Locationtext field is required, always make sure that this field is populated for a successful validation of the listing. The Building name field is optional, but when filled will auto-populate the Locationtext. Once values have been found click the "Update" button. Both fields use a full text search so that valid values are used upon saving.

Propertyfinder Fuzzy Finder

This a text field uses a full text search to find specific location address allowed by the portal.  After a selection is found a green arrow will appear, this is just a notification that the value validates. The "Update" button will need to be clicked in order for it to properly save.

When all of the required fields and the portal location components have been properly filled out the listing record is now ready to be added to the portal groups. At the bottom of the listing record page the field "System Allowed for Portal" can be found. This checkbox will allow the listing to be added to the different portals available in the Portal Syndication component:

If any required data is missing validation rules will trigger and notify what fields should be populated. Once this flag is marked true then the Portal Syndication Component will display that the listing is valid and can be added to a portal group.

By simply clicking the Add button, the listing record will be added to that particular portal feed group. To verify how many listings are in each group, the Portal tab can be used. Simply click in the + sign at the end of the tab menu and search for the Portal tab. Upon entering it the portal group records can be found. Clicking into the portal group a related list can be found that demonstrates all of the listings that will be added to that particular portal feed:

Steps to Publish

After all Listings have been added to the portals and they are ready to be published create the feed URL (1). There will be unique URL's for each of the portals. These URL's will need to be provided to the specific portals for validation (2). If the validation is incomplete the portal will provide the reasons and the listings will need to be fixed. When the portals have validated the listings and confirmed by the client they will be officially added to the portals and available for the public.

1. Create Portal Feed URL

Now you will need to generate you XML URL to send over to the portals. The following URL example provides you the structure. All that is required is to enter your Org ID and the Portal Record ID replacing the bolded section between the two dashes:

  • Dubizzle

https://manda.propertybase.com/api/v2/feed/<ORG_ID, 18 digits>/dubizzle/<PORTAL_ID, 18 digits>/full  

Dubizzle Example

Full Dump XML Feeds will provide Dubizzle with all the listings that will be initially added:

Full Dump - For Sale (example of format): https://manda.propertybase.com/feed/00Db0000000YYYYYYYY/dubizzle/a0hb0000000XXXXXXXXX/full
Full Dump - For Rent(example of format): https://manda.propertybase.com/feed/00Db0000000YYYYYYy/dubizzle/a0hb0000000XXXXXXXXx/full

Partial feeds will be used by Dubizzle for the updates made within every 24 hours.

Partial Feed - For Sale (example of format): https://manda.propertybase.com/feed/00Db0000000ZZZZZZZ/dubizzle/a0hb0000000AAAAAAAA/partial
Partial Feed - For Rent (example of format): https://manda.propertybase.com/feed/00Db0000000ZZZZZZz/dubizzle/a0hb0000000AAAAAAAa/partial

We have two different pick-up URLs, one that yields the full dump, one only the listings that have changed since last pick-up.

Please note (very important!):

If you want to check on the partial feed manually, please use the link for the partial feed, but instead of using the query parameter pickup=true use pickup=false . If you do not use this flag, our server will consider this an official pick-up and reset the interval for changes. So next time this URL is used to get all changed listings, it will result in loss of changed listings.

Regarding the parsing error (whitespace at the beginning of the XML): we have fixed this. It is now possible to retrieve the feed even if it's empty (= no changes since last pick-up). 

  • Propertyfinder (Bayut)

https://manda.propertybase.com/api/v2/feed/<ORG_ID, 18 digits>/propertyfinder/<PORTAL_ID, 18 digits>/full

By default the 15 digit ID is given, to covert to the 18 digit please go to this ID Converter. The Portal Record ID can be found in the URL of the portal record you created.

After adding the two ID's you will be able to see the XML feed and all your listings in it.

Propertyfinder/Bayut Example

Propertyfinder.ae requires a single URL for the feed to be published:

Publishing Feed (example of format): https://manda.propertybase.com/feed/00Db0000000CCCCCC/propertyfinder/a0hb0000000BBBBBBBB


2. Now send this URL to the portal.




For any questions or comments please contact support@propertybase.com

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