Getting Started Series: The Homepage

We're so glad you're using Propertybase to manage your real estate business. In this series, Getting Started with Propertybase, we will cover each step of the Propertybase process, from lead to close. This includes relationship and task management (Contacts and Activity), inventory maintenance (Listings and Properties), correspondence intake (Offers and Closings), reporting (Reports and Dashboards) and more.

Each time you log into Propertybase, you will be presented with the homepage. This is your starting point for everything in Propertybase. The homepage is broken down into the following sections: dashboards, global actions, navigation, and status. It's important to customize this page to fit your specific needs - we want Propertybase to work specifically for you and your business.

Status (Login)

On the surface, this box simply welcomes you to Propertybase. On the back-end this box verifies your identity each time you login. (This is necessary for things like sending email and other account related features.)


Note: Popups must be enabled for this feature to operate correctly. Update Status is only visible to admins.


Dashboards are the heart of the Propertybase homepage. These reports provide an at-a-glance snapshot of your business each time you log in. We highly recommend using the Company Performance Dashboard as the basis for your homepage. Today's Tasks, Today's Events, Active Leads, Active Listings, and Recent Records are also part of the default Propertybase homepage.

Click here to learn more about customizing your organization's homepage.

Global Actions

In the top right corner of the screen is the global actions menu. This menu provides access (from left to right) to favorites, quick add, help, setup, notifications and profile.


If you frequently reference the same record, you can make it a favorite by clicking the star icon in this menu. You must be on the record itself when you click the star icon. Once you've saved a favorite, simply click the down arrow next to the star icon to see it.

Quick Add

You can add new task related records like phone calls, tasks, events, showings and notes using quick add.


You can use this menu to quickly find help articles related to the Lightning system. However, we highly recommend looking for the answer in the Propertybase Help Center before using this Salesforce-specific feature.


Here you can access setup related actions. This includes editing pages and objects, as well as access the main Setup menu. If you are a Propertybase Admin you will be accessing Setup frequently.


When another user mentions you in a comment or in chatter - you will find that notification here.


Here you can access and edit your profile, switch between Lightning and Classic and logout of Propertybase.


The navigation (sometimes called tabs) is the primary method of - you guessed it - navigating Propertybase. From here you can access all of the primary features like Contacts, Calendar, Listings, etc.  You can access all other Propertybase features through the app launcher.

The App Launcher

It's a great idea to familiarizing yourself with the app launcher and use it regularly. The app launcher provides access to all features in Propertybase (including those in the main navigation.)

This is Part 1 of 12 in our Getting Started with Propertybase series. We recommend you continue to follow along, in order, as we walk through the entire Propertybase process, from lead to close.

Next Up: Managing Contacts

After familarizing yourself with the homepage, it's time to learn about relationship management in Propertybase. The Contact object allows you to capture leads, manage conversion rates, connect with clients and ultimately close deals.

Click here to learn about managing Contacts in Propertybase.

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