Quicksend Settings

This article will cover settings available to Quicksend. These options can be accessed through the Control Center.

Not sure how to access the Control Center? Click here.

  • Click the App Launcher in the top left corner of the screen, then click Control Center.

Settings Overview

Below is a breakdown of each setting available in Propertybase Quicksend.

Default Listing Template

Use this setting to select a default template when adding inline listings to your message.

Automatic BCC

When sending emails through Quicksend, you can automatically receive a BCC of all outgoing emails by selecting this option.

Choose Available Listings

By default, only "Active" Listings are available within Quicksend.

If you would like to make other Listings available within Quicksend, you can set that preference here.

Note: When updating to Propertybase 1.506 (the release that added this setting), Propertybase will copy your Quicksend Listing preferences from the "browsers_match_active_field" setting one time. After which, that setting will longer be supported.

Auto-Create Linked Listing

When checked, all Listings sent to a Contact will automatically create a Linked Listing on that Contact record.

Disable Email Opt Out

When checked, users can send Quicksend messages to Contacts even if the "email opt out" field is checked on the user record.

Multiple Follow-Up Tasks

After sending your message through Quicksend, you are presented with the option to create follow-up tasks.

When this setting is enabled, a follow-up task will be created for each Contact that received your Quicksend message.

Default PDF Template

When sending Attached Listings with a Quicksend message, this setting tells Propertybase which PDF template to use.

Note: "Attached" Listings are different than "Inline" Listings. Learn more.

Default Quicksend Template

This setting tells Propertybase which Quicksend Template to use by default.

Note: You can view and edit Quicksend Templates by clicking the App Launcher and selecting Templates.

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