Facebook Lead Ads integration

Integrating your Facebook Lead Ads consists of a 2 step process. The first step is to activate the Webservices in your Propertybase org. Once this is complete you can finish the setup on the Facebook side. 

The setup of the Facebook leads consists of the following steps. You need to have a Facebook Page where you can publish your Lead Ads. As part of the setup, you need to authorize our Propertybase Facebook Lead Application to deliver your leads to Propertybase CRM. For this, login to your Facebook Page with admin rights and go through the following steps:

  1. Stay logged in and go to https://pasar.propertybase.com/facebook.
  2. Click on the Facebook Login button and authorize our app.
  3. A form appears that lets you select the page you want to authorize. Select your Page where you want to publish your Lead Ads. The second dropdown lets you select your default contact email addresses. Click on subscribe when you are finished.
  4. After your subscription, we need to activate the lead service for you.  Support at Propertybase will automatically be notified of your subscription.  We will connect your Facebook Email Address and your Facebook Page ID to our Propertybase Facebook Lead Application.  

While waiting for your activation feel free to create your first lead ad. Check out the next section for tutorials!

As soon as your Org gets activated, any lead coming from a Facebook Lead Ad, will appear automatically in Propertybase. You can identify those leads by checking the “Lead source” being Facebook.

Create your first Lead Ad

Off we go! Let’s create your first Facebook Lead Ad. Admittedly, the interface of Facebook’s Power Editor is a bit overwhelming at first glance. Facebook provides including videos, a course and detailed information to help you get started. Check out the following links:

Any questions left? Or are you having problems setting up your Propertybase integration? Submit a request. We are pleased to help you!


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