Capturing Leads from

Front Desk, a service developed by Propertybase, allows you to automatically capture leads from (among other sources.) This is made possible through an integration with the platform. In the article below, we'll review the steps required to start receiving leads from this third-party integration.

Note: Propertybase Classic customers must enable webservices before configuring this integration.

Setup Instructions

Note: You must enable Front Desk before continuing.

To get started, first we need to authorize Propertybase to receive leads from the platform.

  • Click here and log into your dashboard.
  • Once logged in, click your profile in the top right corner and select Setting.
  • On the next page, click Lead Settings underneath General Settings.
  • Under Profile Leads, click the Change link.
  • Add a new email address and use your unique Front Desk email address.

Note: Instructions on how to locate your Front Desk email address can be found here.

  • Click Save.

Repeat the same steps above for both Advantage Pro and Courtesy Leads as well.

Done! All leads will automatically be imported into your Propertybase account.


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