Capturing Leads from Facebook

Front Desk, a service developed by Propertybase, allows you to automatically capture leads from Facebook (among other sources.) This is made possible through an integration with the Facebook Lead Ads platform. In the article below, we'll review the steps required to start receiving leads from this third-party integration. Please ensure you have enabled Front Desk.

Note: Propertybase Classic customers must enable webservices before configuring this integration.

Using Facebook Leads

Once your integration is up and running (see "Initial Setup" and "Grant Access" tabs on this page), all Facebook Leads will automatically appear in your Propertybase account. You can view these leads by filtering by "Lead Source" of "Facebook". Use the links below to learn more about Facebook Lead Ads.

Here is an example of the data that can come over. If you have custom fields that you have created, you will let us know what field do you want us to map it to in your Org.


  "contact": {
"first_name": "Test",
"last_name": "Test",
"email": "",
"phone": "+5555555555"
"other": {
"meta": {
"source": "Facebook",
"owner": null,
"facebook_page_name": "Residential Page",
"facebook_page_id": "11111111111111111",
"facebook_leadgen_id": "11111111111111111",
"facebook_form_id": "1111111111111111",
"facebook_form_name": "Form Name",
"facebook_ad_id": "1111111111111111",
"facebook_ad_name": "Ad Name",
"faceboog_adset_id": "1111111111111111",
"faceboog_adset_name": "Ad Set Name",
"facebook_campaign_id": "1111111111111111",
"facebook_campaign_name": "Campaign Name",
"technical_source_system": "FrontDesk"

Setup Instructions

First, you must authorize Propertybase to receive leads from the Facebook Lead Ads platform.

  • Log into your Facebook account.

Attention: You MUST be the actual business account admin/owner to set this up! Make sure you use an account with admin rights to the page you want to capture leads from, so you are the admin of the business account and not only granted permission to work in it!

  • Once logged in, open this page in a new tab.
  • Click Login with Facebook in the middle of the screen.
  • On the next two screens, authorize Propertybase Leads to access your Facebook account.
  • Once authorized, use the picklists to select the following: the Facebook page that will be used for capturing leads, default contact email address and add your Propertybase ORG ID. (Click here for instructions on locating Propertybase ORG ID.)
    Note: if you don't provide your ORG ID here, you will have to reach out to Propertybase Support to connect your sign-up after you are done with both setup steps. This will prolong the setup process.
  • Once you have made your choices, click Subscribe.

Once you click Subscribe, the Propertybase Support Team will be notified and begin connecting your Facebook Email Address and your Facebook Page ID, if you missed providing your ORG ID during the steps above. This might take a moment. Either way, please continue with the next step.

Please complete the steps outlined in the "Setup #2: Grant Access" tab at the top of this page.

Grant Access in Facebook

Follow the steps below to grant Propertybase access to your Facebook Business account.

  • Open Facebook Business Manager. (Click here to access.)
  • Select Integrations on the left side of the screen, then click Leads Access.
  • Next, select the appropriate page.
  • Click on CRMs.
  • In the list of CRMs, check the box next to Propertybase Leads.
  • With Propertybase Leads checked, click the Assign Access button.

Done! You should now begin receiving Facebook Leads in Propertybase.

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