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Standard and Smart Lists

With the Browsers, two types of lists can be created to access required data more easily. These are:

Standard List

This is a static collection of records to which you can add or remove records manually as needed, meaning any record added to a Standard List will always stay in the list and only new records can be added to it. This is useful when you have preset of records, be it Contacts or Listings, that should always be available (for example, VIP clients or Exclusive Listing).

Records can easily be added, removed and moved from one standard list to another or even from a smart list to a standard list.

Standard lists can be created from the "All Records" list as well. Simply select the records from the results view that you need in your list and then hit the "Save" button, name it, and it will be added to your menu.

Smart List

This type of list is a completely dynamic collection of records which is defined through filter rules. Being a dynamic list type means that any time a record subsequently meets the criteria it will automatically be added to the list. A smart list always needs a filter defined in order to work. 

Smart Lists can be created from the "All Records" list as well. Simply add your filter criteria by adding as many filters fields as necessary and then hit the "Save" button, name it and it will be added to your menu.

Sharing Lists

Security Settings play a crucial role when creating your lists. By default, lists created by a user will be visible only to them. A user can share the list with a colleague, a group of users or the entire organization. This can be done by clicking the "Share" link found in filter section

Administrators have the ability to make all lists public to the organization. This is done going to Setup > Security Controls > Sharing Settings and modifying the object "Browser Lists" to be Public Read/Write or Public Read Only.



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