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Adding matching values from one object to a related object using a formula field

Occasionally you may want to have data appear in more than just one related object in your Propertybase org.

For example, specific information has been created in the Listing/Inventory tab, which would also be ideal to have in the Offer object, but at the moment can’t be found. 

To achieve this you can add a custom formula field to the Offer object that references information from the Listing/Inventory object. 

This custom formula field is also helpful for Reports, Email Template and Mail Merge documents.

By adding this field as a formual field it would also be updated the moment the original data in the Listing/Inventory field is changed.

The first step is to create a new custom field in the object you wish the new field to be in. Continuing the example from above, the next step would be to go to Setup/App Setup/Create/Objects and choose Offer.

Click the New button under custom fields.

The field will be of the type Formula.


Choose a name similar to that of the field you wish to copy.

Choose the output type, in most instances this would be Text unless you were bringing over a number, date or currency field from the Listing/Offer.  


The next step is to create the formula that will call the field that will be replicated. 

The easiest way to do this is in the Advanced Formula Editor by selecting the Insert Field button. This button opens the insert field wizard.


In the insert field wizard you are able to select the fields you wish to reference in the formula. 

In the example below we are trying to reference the Area on the Inventory record. 

By clicking on the "Inventory Name >" with the > symbol we are able to access fields from the Inventory record associated with this Offer. 


When you have found the desired field click the Insert Field button (image above), this will write the field name into the formula window (image below).


You can now continue with the next button and add the field using the same process as any other field that you have added.

Now the information is displayed both in the inventory and offer objects, making life easier. 


End of Main Instructions


Special Instructions for Referencing Picklist Values

Picklist values can only be accessed using certain formula.

If the field to be referenced is a Picklist you must add the Text function for the formula field to work properly.


Note: Multiselect Picklists are not supported in formula referencing.


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