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Email templates are a great way to save time and send emails to clients and end users through activities or workflows.  Text templates can be created and edited by all users. They are ideal for internal notifications, quick messages and are utilized in Workflows.  Text templates do not support HTML coding, so images are not supported.

In order to create an email template, you should go to Setup > My Personal Information > My Templates. Click “New Template”.

Next choose Text as the type of email template.

The next step is to create the actual template:

  • Choose the folder you would like the template to be in and the unique name.
  • Click on the availability checkbox to make it ready for use.
  • When selecting the encoding option, we suggest the Unicode (UTF – 8). This will pick up the majority of written symbols in different languages in the text.
  • The subject is the same as appears in your email when it is sent.
  • The Email Body is where the text for your email template goes. After writing your email, use the merge fields to personalize your content.

In most cases, text or data variables will be changed each time the email template is used. For example, in the greeting “Dear Frank,” “Frank” is a variable, because it will change when the email is sent to someone different.

The merge fields substitute this variable with a field value from the specific type you are referring to. In our example, “Frank” would be found in [Contact Fields], [First Name] ={!Contact.FirstName}.  Copy and past the merge fields into the appropriate space in the email body. (See screen shot)

Use the merge fields to fill in every variable so that every time this email template is sent it will have the correct information.

Then save the email template and it will be available for use! Here is the example template preview:

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