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How to Fix Errors When Sending Email Using Quicksend

Sometimes, when using Quicksend you may experience an error message. This is typically due to not authenticating your account with Propertybase servers during login. This typically happens due to popups not being enabled, but sometimes it can be a browser caching issue. Either way, it's very easy to fix!

How to Fix

To fix these error messages, start by returning to the homepage.

  • Click the home tab at the top of the screen.

On the right side of the screen is the "login box". This box performs several import tasks each time you log into Propertybase. Apart from checking if your account is up-to-date, it also authenticates with Propertybase servers to allow for certain tasks, one of which is sending emails. If you are receiving an error when trying to send an email, chances are your system status looks like the image below.

Click the Connect to authenticate with Propertybase servers

This can be easily resolved by clicking the Connect button and authenticating with Propertybase servers. You must enable popups to authenticate successfully. Upon authentication, your system status should look like the image below.

Successfully authenticated with Propertybase servers

Once you have successfully connected to Propertybase services, try sending your Quicksend message again.

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