Weblisting - Display Listing Agent

Getting the listings owner´s data to your web site is a little tricky as the normal "USER" is not accessible by the web API, but it is quite easy to configure!

1. You need to create the following "hidden" fields new for your listing. "Hidden means -> not on the page layouts"

Go to Setup/App Setup/Listing -> Custom Fields & Relationships -> New

Type Field Label       Field Type Formula (if needed)
Formula (Text) Listing agent first name   Listing_agent_first_name Owner:User.FirstName -> treat blank fields as blanks
Formula (Text) Listing agent last name     Listing_agent_last_name  Owner:User.LastName -> treat blank fields as blanks
Formula (Text) Listing agent email   Listing_agent_email Owner:User.Email
Formula (Text) Listing agent  phone Listing_agent_phone Owner:User.Phone

...add further contact formulars as required -> find formular parameters in USER object´s field names

2. Adjust field level security of your new fields for your sites user as its described here under topic 5

Now you can access the new fields with you Weblistings!



I would like to have a photo of my agent on the listing. Can I do this?
-> Yes. You need to add a URL field on the user. Put in here a link to a picture of the user (e.G. somewhere on your homepage). -> You can now create a new field as mentioned in step 1. You don´t need to create the trigger again, it it´s already working...




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