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Dashboards not visible to other users

Dashboards are great way of giving your organization an overview of how exactly the company is performing as a whole and how each agent is performing individually with intuitive graphs and charts. At times you may find that your Propertybase users can't see a Dashboard you have set up, well there is a little detail that needs to be taken into consideration. Propertybase OEM licenses' are of type 'Salesforce Platform'. One of the limitations to this license is that in order for them to see a dashboard the 'Running User' needs to be of the same type (meaning it can't be an Administrator). From the Salesforce Help: Users with this license can only view dashboards if the running user also has the same license.

What is a 'Running User' you might ask, well take a look at the following screen shot:

The 'Running User' is the user who determine the security settings for which the data in the dashboard will be displayed. There are two types of running user:

  • Run as specified user - When dashboard is running for other users to see all of the users will see the data at the security level of the Running User. This is perfect when data sharing is Private, but you want to show a glimpse or overview of the data the company is producing.
  • Run as logged-in user - This is used for dynamic dashboards. A dynamic dashboard is one in which each user will see the data in that dashboard at the security level they are provided. Meaning that if you see the data as a Manager you will se an overview of your department, but if the user is an Agent they will only see what they are allowed to see. The data that is available is determined by the security settings that have been setup.

In summary, if you would like your Propertybase users to be able to see the dashboard make sure that you have a user that has a Propertybase profile (PB Agent, PB Superuser or a clone of one of these).

Remark: This does not work for an Admin User with login as. The Dashboard can only be created, with a user, which is logged in directly with username and password.



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