All about Listings (Classic Documentation)


What is the Listing object in Propertybase?

The Listing object in Propertybase is one of the most important real estate features that comes with Propertybase. The Listing object allows you to visualize all of the important data related to your listings. Not only can you enter relevant text data, but the Listing object creates a Google map preview of your property's location based on the address and city fields in the object. Additionally, there is a media manager section that allows you to upload images related to your listings.


Why is the Listing object important?

The Listing object gives you one place to manage all of your listings. It is 100% customizable to meet your business processes and reporting requirements. The Listing object also allows you to manage your listings in one location. For instance, if you are powering your website with Propertybase's Web Listing feature, and you update the price of a listing in Propertybase the new price will be reflected on your website as well.

Here is the out of the box idea behind the values in the Status field of the Listing object:

  • In Acquisition - Listing is in the process of being acquired by the real estate agent and is in the process of data collection
  • In Preparation - Listing is being prepared to be published to the public
  • Active - Listing is on market
  • Blocked - Listing is not available for any apparent reason
  • Reserved - Listing has a particular offer and is reserved until further notice
  • Rented - Listing has been negotiated and is currently occupied by the tenant
  • Sold - Listing has been negotiated and has been sold/off market
  • Archived - Listing never picked up and has been set aside for future purposes



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