Listing and Property Relationship


The Listing object in Propertybase lets you track your listings as they are in the sales process with the key information you need when you are communicating with a customer. It allows you to view/edit information such as e.g. the price, location and status of the listing to know where it stands during the sale or lease.

The Property object within the system is different than the Listings object. This object is used to keep a historical database of the properties that you have dealt with independent of their listing status. Here you will track the physical information of the property with out regarding any information in the sales process. This way you can keep track of the multiple times the actual property has been sold/rented through the years. The Property object contains a related list were you can see the different listings that have been put up for this property as time goes by. The Property object should act in the background and really only used when you want to see the historic sales data for the actual property.

In detail

When a Listing record is created in Propertybase a Property record is automatically created in the background. This function is automatic so that you don't have to enter the information twice in the system. The Property record will contain the same title as the Listing and will pull all of the fields that have the same API name from the Listing. Any time the Listing record is updated in one of those fields, the data will transfer over to the Property and will be saved as well. It is a one way sync, to keep historical Listings from being updated. By default the fields that are synced from the Listing to the Property are:

Title Name
Address pba__Address_pb__c
Bathrooms pba__FullBathrooms_pb__c
Bedrooms pba__Bedrooms_pb__c
City pba__City_pb__c
Country Country__c
Description pba__Description_pb__c
Latitude pba__Latitude_pb__c
Longitud pba__Longitude_pb__c
Lot Size (sqft/sqm) pba__LotSize_pb__c
Parking Spaces ParkingSpaces__c
Property Owner PropertyOwnerContactId__c
Size pba__TotalArea_pb__c
State State__c
Type pba__PropertyType__c
View View__c
Year Built pba__YearBuilt_pb__c
Zip/Postal Code pba__PostalCode_pb__c
Owner OwnerID

Custom fields can also be synced between these objects. The new fields will need to be created in both objects and they must have the same API Name.

***Creating a new Property record will not create a Listing!


Creating a new Listing from an existing Property record

When a new listing needs to be created from an existing Property record, there are two ways that this can be done:

1. While in the Property page a new Listing record can be created from the related list titled "Listings". Creating a listing from this related list will automatically assign relate the new listing to this property. When you arrive to the Listing Creation Wizard, all you have to do is click save, don't worry about entering any data (like title) as the system already knows.

2. The Listing Wizard can also be used to create a listing and relate it to the existing Property. If the Title or address are identical the wizard will look up any existing properties in the system and will prompt you, asking whether you would like to add this listing to a new property or just create a new listing (with its own property).

***When creating a listing from an existing Property record all fields will sync one (1) time to the Listing Record. After this the normal behavior kicks in, meaning any data updated on the Listing record will be synced to the Property record.


Avoid syncing fields between the Listing and Property record

There may be fields that will not need to be synced between the two related records. There are 2 settings available that can be used to stop any information from transferring from one record to the other. These settings will need to be added to your Propertybase Org by the Administrator. To find the settings navigate to the plus sign (+) at the far right of your tabs menu and click it. This will lead to a page with all the available objects. Find the Settings link and go into that page. Click the "New" button and add the settings that you need.

The KEY is the title of the setting. The VALUE will be the API Names of the fields that you DO NOT want synced. Each field will need to be separated by a semicolon (;).

For help Identifying your Propertybase Version

For all PB versions prior to 1.340:

1. To avoid data syncing from the LISTING to the PROPERTY use the following setting:

KEY FieldsNotToSync_ListingToProperty
VALUE pba__City_pb__c; pba__Bedrooms_pb__c; pba__FullBathrooms_pb__c

2. To avoid data syncing from the PROPERTY to the LISTING use the following setting:

KEY FieldsNotToSync_PropertyToListing
VALUE pba__City_pb__c; pba__Bedrooms_pb__c; pba__FullBathrooms_pb__c

For all PB versions past 1.340:

1. To avoid data syncing from the LISTING to the PROPERTY use the following settings:


Controls whether fields with the same names are synced (by default true)

Type: Either true or false

Example: True


A blacklist of fields that should never be synced

Type: A JSON list of fields



2. To avoid data syncing from Property to the LISTING use the following settings:


Controls whether fields with the same names are synced (by default true)

Type: Either true or false

Example: True


A blacklist of fields that should never be synced

Type: A JSON list of field

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