HTML Email Status Tracking

One of the most effective ways of keeping in contact with your customers is to know if they are actually opening up your emails and reading them. This can be done in Propertybase when sending an email of type "HTML". This can be tracked whether sending an individual mail to a single client or a mass email to a group of people.

Sending an individual mail

When sending an individual mail from a record you will need to make sure at the top of the page the "HTML" is selected. Only then well it be added to the HTML Email Status related list for tracking. There you will be able to see when the contact first opened the mail, how many times they opened it and the last time they opened it. Giving you the information you need to be on top of your clients and close your deals.

Sending a Mass Mail or from an Email Template

When sending a mass mail or an email template you will need to make sure that the email template is of type "HTML" upon creation of it. To learn how to create HMTL email templates check out the following knowledge base articles:


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