Moving Unmanaged Custom Fields to Managed Custom Fields

In our ongoing push to improve our user experience, Propertybase is introducing our Unmanaged Custom Field Migration into Managed Custom Fields.

We have added over 30 New Managed Custom Fields that you can move your Unmanaged Custom Field data intoThis helps free up space for more Unmanaged Custom Fields to be added and more comprehensive support! Storing this data in Managed Fields allows us to provide you with all-new Features, Enhancements, and Versions using this data with ease.

When you update to Propertybase version 1.603 or higher, the new Managed Fields will be available. Need help updating to the newest version? You can follow the steps here!

Ready to move to your new Propertybase Managed Fields? Let's get started!



Steps to Migrate your Fields 

Before beginning the migration of the data of your existing Unmanaged Custom Fields to the new Managed Custom Fields, you can review the New values in the below attachments.

If you rather work with a sheet, please have a look here.

Once you're ready to move your custom field data to the new Managed Fields, you can follow the steps below.

Timing: Please try to make sure to start the migration at the end of your working day in order to not run into any performance issues. 

First, you'll need to go into the App Launcher (the nine dots in the top left of your Propertybase screen). From here, you'll select Control Center.



Here, you'll find a new tile that says "Field Migration", once selected this will direct you to where you will start the migration of your custom fields into the new Managed Fields.


If you see the message: "Congratulations! You don’t have any duplicate custom fields. The field sync is not active anymore. No further action is required." then there is no more action required and your org does not contain any more unmanaged fields that need to be migrated.

Otherwise, please click on "Migrate Field Data"




Once you have started the migration, you will see a status of either In Progress or Your Field Data was migrated depending on whether the migration is complete or not.

This is done with the Reload Status button that will update the status of the migration site when clicked on.


If there are no custom fields within the migration parameters, there is no required action and you will see a success message.

You only need to do the migration once: After the successful migration of the field data, the button will be disabled. For records that are updated by the migration, website sync (Propertybase Websites), listing sync to portals (Manda) and Geocoding call outs are disabled. You can still use these features while the migration is running.


Field Sync

Once you have clicked on the "Migrate Field Data" button, the content of the custom unmanaged fields will be synced with the custom managed fields with a bi-directional data sync. These fields will remain synced automatically, so if data changes in one field, it's matched field will change as well. If there is new data in both, data in the custom field will remain the top priority and be seen as the source of truth. The status of the section shows you if the sync is currently active or not.





Different Picklist Values

Below the Migrate Field Data section, you'll see a list of unmanaged picklists and multi-select picklists that were found to have different values. These will have the respective new Managed Fields next to them. Here you can match up the values between your existing unmanaged picklist fields and the managed fields. Best practice: When you have completed the migration, all previously not existing picklist values will be created by the system as "deactivated" picklist values, so you only have to activate the ones that you require.

You'll see one of two Status' below, once you have matched the values up:

Either: "No Action Required: No fields containing unmatched values present"

Or: "Action Required: Fields containing unmatched values present" with a list of all unmatched values/fields.






NOTE: Please make sure to clear the cache to refresh the field values OR reload the page when doing this!


Have custom development in your Org?

Please reach out to your Admin and/or Development Team to let them know that all uses of the old API fields will need to be switched out with the new API fields.


Still have questions or need help? Schedule an appointment with Blake Roller (Propertybase Configuration Specialist) to get the assistance you need here!



Removal of Custom Fields

Once you have decided to remove the unmanaged fields, please log a ticket with Propertybase Support at to allow us time to update your Front Desk field mapping.

Removal of Custom Unmanaged Fields is optional, however, is highly recommended. Removal of these fields will prevent duplicate field labels and avoid overall confusion.

If you have updated to Propertybase v1.603 or higher successfully, and are using (some of) the Unmanaged Custom Fields in these spreadsheets: 

Then, we recommend as a best practice, to remove them:

You will need to:

  1. Update to Propertybase v1.603 or higher
  2. Migrate your Unmanaged Custom Field Data (Follow steps in "Steps to Migrate" tab)
  3. If you have custom development work (custom Apex code or Visualforce pages), please contact your Administrator and/or Development team to replace Unmanaged Custom Fields with New Managed Custom Fields. This must be done before proceeding to the next step. 
  4. Replace Unmanaged Custom Fields with New Managed Custom Fields in the following areas as well:
    • Page Layouts
    • Classic Email Templates
    • All other Templates (Quicktexts, Custom Settings like Wizards, etc.)
    • Workflow Rules
    • Workflow Actions
    • Processes in Process Builder (Active and Inactive)
    • Processes in Flows (Active and Inactive)
    • Custom Report Types (Active and Inactive)
    • Reports that may contain these fields 
    • List Views (Active and Inactive)
    • Pocket Listings mapping to Boston Logic Websites

Once this is done, you're all set to start using the new Managed Custom Fields!


Still have questions or need help? Schedule an appointment with Blake Roller (Propertybase Configuration Specialist) to get the assistance you need here!


FAQ's and Errors

Q: What if one of the New Managed Fields I am migrating data to already has data in it, will that be removed?

A: That data will not be overwritten if the Custom Managed Field is empty, otherwise, it will be overwritten!


Q: When the field sync is active and I have both the unmanaged and the managed field on the layout of a record, what field is preferred?

A: If none of the fields change or if you edit both fields at the same time, the data of the unmanaged field is preferred. If you edit only the managed field it will be preferred and synced to the unmanaged field.


Q: Is moving to the Managed Fields mandatory?

A: No, it is not mandatory but highly recommended as a best practice to keep your data clean and allow enhancements and features in the future to work correctly.


Q: I’m building a report, but I see multiple labels, did I do something wrong? 

A: You might need to consider removing the duplicate fields after doing the migration (see above) to have a clean Org.


Q: If I move to Managed Fields, can I continue adding custom fields? 

A: Yes, you can even add more fields now as the managed fields don't count against the limit of 500 unmanaged custom fields


Q: Do I need to delete the fields before adding custom fields?

A: No, please do the migration first before deleting any fields in order to lose no data!


Q: Does the Migration limit the amount of configuration options?

A: No, this will increase the amount of configuration options you will have. There will be more Custom Unmanaged Fields available as soon as you delete the duplicate fields that are now in the system as managed custom fields.


Q: I’m on an older version of Propertybase - what do I need to worry about?

A: If you're on a version older than 1.4, please contact support and they can clarify next steps. If you're on version 1.4-1.574, Please follow the steps in this article, prior to installation. Learn moreIf you are on 1.575 or higher, you should have no other considerations to make. 


Q: I have an undeleted field, does the field sync still work?

A: Yes, but you have to manually update the record once to sync any old values.


Q: I plan to continue using my unmanaged custom fields and never want to use the new unmanaged fields, do I still have to do the migration?

A: If you plan to never use the new managed fields, you don't need to do the migration right now. Before you start to use the new managed fields, you should, however, do the migration!


Q: After the install of the package, bulk imports which previously worked are now failing with limit exceptions, what can I do?

A: Please contact support - we can help you (see link below to schedule time with us). 


Errors during Field Migration:

You may encounter errors while moving your Custom Unmanaged Fields to Custom Managed Fields. If you do, you will see the error displayed on the Field Migration page where you are performing the migration. This information will contain:

  • Record type (Contact, Listing, Property, etc.)
  • ID for Error
  • Type (actual error)
  • Message (description of each error)

This will allow you to troubleshoot any issues you may encounter with moving your fields. The logs may look similar to this depending on the errors for your particular Org:


Still have questions or need help? Schedule an appointment with Blake Roller (Propertybase Configuration Specialist) to get the assistance you need here!



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