XML-to-Email Webforms

Through the power of Front Desk, Propertybase is able to capture leads from contact forms. There are several different methods Propertybase uses to accomplishes this. In this article we will review, in detail, how to configure one of those methods: XML-to-Email.

Note: Before you can use XML-to-Email, you must enable Front Desk.

XML-to-Email Overview

The concept of XML-to-Email webforms is very simple. Your web form captures data from potential leads and sends that data in a specific XML format to your unique Front Desk email address. It's very important the data being sent to Front Desk follows the specified XML format. The code below shows all supported XML tags for both Contact and Inquiry objects. Please note that XML tags are case sensitive.

Supported Contact Fields

<FirstName>Form Data</FirstName>
<LastName>Form Data</LastName> 
<Email>Form Data</Email>
<Phone>Form Data</Phone>
<LeadSource>Form Data</LeadSource>
<MailingStreet>Form Data</MailingStreet>
<MailingCity>Form Data</MailingCity>
<MailingPostalCode>Form Data</MailingPostalCode>

Supported Inquiry Fields

<Project_Name__c>Form Data</Project_Name__c>
<pbasr__Rotation_Name__c>Form Data</pbasr__Rotation_Name__c>
<Property_Enquired_About__c>Form Data</Property_Enquired_About__c>
<Enquiry_URL__c>Form Data</Enquiry_URL__c>
<How_did_you_hear_about_us__c>Form Data</How_did_you_hear_about_us__c>
<Enquiry_Source__c>Form Data</Enquiry_Source__c>
<Message>Form Data</Message>

Note: Not all XML tags are required, only Last Name. This is how Propertybase assigns leads to specific Contact records.

Custom Fields

You can use custom fields, but you must include the exact API name of the field you would like to use. Our support team will need to verify that we have setup the correct mapping in the backend. After you send in test record if something does not go in correctly, let us know and we will adjust your mapping. Always make sure you Grant Access, so we can verify.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't send my emails using XML?

Email to FrontDesk only works if the email is formatted as an XML as this is a machine readable format. If you are unable to send emails with XML then please investigate other services such as FrontDesk Forms or WebToProspect API. Help Articles below. 

FrontDesk Web Forms 

WebToProspect REST API


Does the fields have to be in a specific order?

No it does not matter, Inquiry and Contact fields can be mixed up. As the system will know where to start and stop grabbing the information for each field.  Start grabbing last name at <LastName> and end at </LastName>


My XML is missing from the data when it is sent to FrontDesk

Check that your email format is TEXT and not HTML as a HTML formatted email with XML in the body will cause problems. 

If building emails with PHP please refer to this blog article.  https://www.tutorialrepublic.com/php-tutorial/php-send-email.php



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