Unsupported Objects

As a customer, you're probably aware that Propertybase leverages the power of the Salesforce CRM platform. By building upon this powerful platform and adding additional customizations and features, specific to real estate, Propertybase is able to provide immense value to real estate professionals. However, there are some "objects" within the Salesforce SalesCloud or ServiceCloud that are unusable by Propertybase and our customers.

What exactly is an object?

Objects are database tables that allows the user to store specific data. In other words, the type of data stored determines the object you would use to store it. For example: if you received a new lead in the form of contact information, that would be stored in the Contact object. For more information on objects, click here.

Why can't I access all objects in Salesforce?

This is partly due to our license agreement with Salesforce, but also due to specific design decisions made by Propertybase. Our goal is to develop the best real estate CRM in the world. The key words there being "real estate". Our focus is on the real estate industry and because of this we don't support or promote all Salesforce objects. We only present features (including objects) to our customers that will benefit their real estate business.

What Salesforce objects are unavailable to me in Propertybase?

The following Salesforce objects are unavailable to Propertybase customers:

  • Asset
  • AssetRelationship
  • Campaign
  • CampaignMemeber
  • Case
  • ContentVersion
  • Contract
  • Ideas
  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • OpportunityLineItem
  • Order
  • OrderItem
  • Pricebook2
  • PricebookEntry
  • Product2
  • SocialPersona
  • SocialPost
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