Used Data Storage over 100% - Limit Exceeded

Every customer has a specified amount of data storage available for their Propertybase org. At times Salesforce does not notify Propertybase clients about when the limits to their data storage are being reached. Once they do they will block any further data from being created in your org and you will need to take action.

There are two options to get data storage available, be first check what is consuming the Data Storage

If you see a large number (> 50.000) of "SystemLogs" please submit a ticket and we´ll help you to get rid of this part of the data storage.

Then you will have to proceed with one of the further options:

  1. Use Data Loader to delete non-required data and free up unnecessary used space.
  2. Get in touch with your account executive to order additional Data Space.



To view your org’s current storage usage from Setup, enter Storage Usage in the Quick Find box, then select Storage Usage. You can view the available space for data storage and file storage, the amount of storage in use per record type, the top users according to storage utilization, and the largest files in order of size. To view what types of data a particular user is storing, click that user’s name.
In all Editions except Personal Edition, administrators can view storage usage on a user-by-user basis.
From Setup, enter Users in the Quick Find box, then select Users.
Click the name of any user.
Click View next to the Used Data Space or Used File Space fields to view that user’s storage usage by record type.
Data storage and file storage are calculated asynchronously and your org’s storage usage isn’t updated immediately. Keep this in mind if importing or adding many records or files.


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