Making a Payment to Propertybase

There are a few options available to you when paying an invoice from Propertybase.

Secure Payment Site

The quickest and most convenient way to pay Propertybase is through our secure payment website. When you receive an invoice from Propertybase via email, simply look for the payment link and follow the on-screen instructions.


Making a payment for your Propertybase account through PayPal is quick and easy. When you receive an invoice through email, simply click the PayPal check out button.

On the next page you have 2 options. Pay with your PayPal account or your credit card directly.

In both cases please make sure that your credit card has been activated for international transfers!


If your payment fails, please make sure that:

  • The credit card is allowed to make international payments. Please contact your bank to ensure activation.
  • Your credit card´s limit is high enough for the invoice. To fix: contact your bank or use a different credit card.
  • Your bank may have blocked an "unknown transfer". Please authorize this payment with your bank.
  • Make sure you use your company´s and not your private Paypal account.

Mailed Check

You may also pay Propertybase through a paper check via mail.

Please make checks payable to Propertybase Inc. and send to the mailing address below.

321 Summer Street
6th Floor
Boston, MA 02210

Note: All billing related inquiries should be sent to:

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