Can I send emails from my own address (from my domain) with the Quicksend / mass emails? How to avoid emails being considered as SPAM

In past years, the cool tool "email" was abused to generate SPAM or even worse threats, and email providers have implemented many different ways to filter out illegitimate email messages. This entails a method that emails sent from other servers (e.g. Propertybase or Salesforce), through a third party in relation to your own domain, will be considered SPAM or at least suspicious. We have steps below that will allow your domain(s) to be authenticated and send emails from Propertybase.

Propertybase uses two technologies to send out emails.

We have a step for each one below and you must follow both.

Note also, that in order to avoid that emails sent from Propertybase are marked as suspicious or SPAM, you must activate the settings for EVERY domain your users are sending emails from, i.e. if you have multiple email domains ( &, you must do it for each one.

First Step: For Quicksend, Mass emails and Drip Campaigns we use a service from Sendgrid.

To set up a so-called Sender-Authentication for your domain(s), you will receive so-called CNAME settings from us, which you need to add to your domain settings. It is a bunch of keys, which your domain admin can enter pretty easily.

Please submit a support ticket and let us know your domain(s) from which you send emails.  We will then send you the required keys that your domain admin needs to add. If you're unsure how this works, it is documented here:

!Please read the GoDaddy part carefully, if you are using this tool! 

Second Step: For email alerts, email notifications, etc. the system uses the Salesforce email technology.

For all Salesforce generated emails, your Propertybase/Salesforce administrator needs to follow all steps (besides "Enabling Compliance BCC Emails") of the documentation:

This is especially true if you notice you are not receiving emails from Salesforce e.g email alerts or notifications about a changed record owner. 

Once you have completed both steps successfully, emails should reach their destination.

Remark: You cannot e.g. white-label IP addresses as too many services are involved.

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