BoldLeads Overview

BoldLeads is an innovative and automated process for agents to cost-effectively acquire, nurture and convert leads - and now it's integrated with Propertybase! Below you will learn how to integrate BoldLeads with your Propertybase CRM.

Connecting BoldLeads to Propertybase

  • In BoldLeads, click My Settings and then click Account Settings.
  • On the left side of the screen click Connect Your CRM.
  • Next click Connect Propertybase.
  • When prompted, enter your Propertybase credentials.

That's it! Your leads will now appear in your Propertybase CRM with the Lead Source of BoldLeads.

Field Mapping

The table below shows all BoldLeads fields and their corresponding field in Propertybase.

Note: Cells in yellow denote enriched data. Click the FAQs tab to learn more.

BoldLeads (Field) Properytbase (Object) Propertybase (Field)
type contact Contact Type
name contact Name
email contact Email
phone contact Phone
age contact Birthdate
advertisement_source contact Landing Page URL
first_name contact Name
last_name contact Name
primary_phone contact Phone
secondary_phone contact Other Phone
cell_phones contact Mobile
address inquiry Property Address
street_name inquiry Street Name
city inquiry City
state inquiry State
zipcode inquiry Zip/Postal Code
selling_in inquiry Selling Time Frame
baths inquiry Bathrooms - Min
sqft inquiry Area
buy_time_frame inquiry Buying Time Frame
price_range inquiry Price - Max/Price - Min
beds inquiry Bedrooms - Max/Bedrooms - Min
value_range inquiry Estated Valuation
eppraisal_valuation inquiry Eppraisal Valuation
household_members inquiry Household Members
homeowner_confirmed inquiry Homeowner Confirmed
length_of_residence inquiry Length of Residence in Home (Months)
mortgage_date inquiry Mortgage Date
purchase_amount inquiry Purchase Amount of Home
estimate_home_value inquiry Estimated Home Value


Where can I find help with the BoldLeads system?

For information specific to the BoldLeads platform, please visit the BoldLeads Help Center.

What is enriched data?

BoldLeads uses a third-party data provider to enrich lead data. Using the lead's street address additional data is added to the lead. If no data is found using address, then email and phone are used. If no data is found using email and phone, first and last name are used.

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