How to pay my Propertybase account - Paypal

Making a payment for your Propertybase account is quick and easy. When you receive the email with the details and the link for payment, simply click. It will take you to the following screen. It displays the company details, main point of contact and the total amount to be paid.

Click on the button "PayPal Check out"

On the next page you have 2 options. Pay with your PayPal account or your credit card directly.

In both cases please make sure that your credit card has been activated for international transfers!


If your payment fails, please make sure that:

  • The credit card is allowed to make international payments. Please contact your bank to ensure activation.
  • Your credit card´s limit is high enough for the invoice. To fix: contact your bank or use a different credit card.
  • Your bank may have blocked an "unknown transfer". Please authorize this payment with your bank.
  • Make sure you use your company´s and not your private Paypal account.

Alternatively you can wire transfer:

All banking details are on the invoice. You can just wire the amount without checking out through our payment page. Our team checks all bank accounts daily and will recognize the payment. Please add the customer ID and invoice number in the comments field of the wire transfer. Wire transfers will be credited to the account within 24-48h normally. 

If you run into any particular problems please write to

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