Resetting PB Administrator Credentials

At certain times your organization may need to change the user account for a PB Administrator.

If your company does have another active System Administrator, please have this user login and go to: Setup / Manage Users / Users, to change the email address or other details for the administrator that needs to be changed.

If you have access to the PB Administrators email who is no longer active, you may also consider utilizing the forgot password feature. If you own the corporate email domain, you can use "password reset" and have the user password reset email intercepted by your internal email administrator.

If these approach do not work, and no authorized PB Administrators can access your account, Propertybase can help to change the PB Administrator email address. In order to change an email address for a PB Administrator, we will need a letter from the business owner of your company.  The following is the format in which you will need the letter addressed, please add this information to a Company Letterhead:

1. What is the current full USERNAME on the user record that you are requesting to change?  
2. What is the new EMAIL address?  (This should be a corporate email address as opposed to a gmail, yahoo, AOL, or similar email address)
3. What is the brief reason for the change?  
4. What is the Case Number you opened with Salesforce support?
5. A C-level executive signature (CEO, CIO, CFO, Business Owner, etc), the signature must include the executive title and their EMAIL address.

Thank you,
Executive Name
Executive Title
Executive Phone number
Executive Email address


[ - executive signature -]

Once the letter is received and attached to the support case, our support team will contact Salesforce to make the changes to this user account.

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