How to Enable Adobe Flash

Certain tools in Propertybase require Adobe Flash in order to function properly.

Below are instructions on how to permanently enable Flash within Propertybase.

Note: Google Chrome is the preferred browser for Propertybase.

Enable Flash within Google Chrome

If you are not sure, click here and follow the instructions.

Enable Flash within Propertybase

  1. Click on the "Secure" button next to the URL bar (see screenshot.)
  2. In the dropdown list, hover over "Flash" and select the option "Always allow on this site".
  3. Done! Reload the page and flash should be enabled.

Propertybase Classic Version (1.398.5 and Lower)
Propertybase Lightning Version (1.400 and Higher)

Enabling Flash in Firefox

  1. When prompted, select "Allow and Remember".
  2. Done! Reload the page and flash should be enabled.

When prompted, select "Allow and Remember".

See this Mozilla support article for more information on activating plugins.

Enabling Flash in Safari

Note: Although Propertybase will function properly, we do not officialy support the Safari browser.

  1. Click here to install flash.
  2. Click here to enable flash
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