Google Sync

We have teamed up with Apination to create a sync between Google Suite Apps and Propertybase Salesforce Edition (PBSE)!

This exciting feature will allow you to sync contacts both ways between Propertybase SF Edition and Google so all of your contacts can be easily accessed and utilized completely. This new feature will be available starting with Propertybase SF Edition version 1.618 and higher.

NEW: You are now able to sync Events and Tasks to Google Calendar and Google Calendar Events to Salesforce.

Contact Sync

Ready to get your contacts synced? Let's get started!

First, you'll need to update to PBSE version 1.618. Learn more.

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Google Sync Setup

  • Once you have updated, you'll need to go into the App Launcher:
  • Inside the App Launcher, you will click on the Control Center option:
  • In the Control Center you can scroll down, under Integrations you'll see the tile for Google Sync:
  • Here you'll click on Configure Sync:
  • This will direct you to an Apination page where you'll need to click on the Google Contacts option:
  • Here, you'll click on the Connect Propertybase button:
  • You may have to log in to Salesforce, entering your login credentials. Afterward, you have to allow access to APINATION.
  • Then you'll need to connect a Google account via "Connect Google Contacts Account" and also approve the API access.
  • Now you can select either: "Sync Propertybase Contacts to Google Contacts" or "Sync Google Contacts to Propertybase" or both if you want to have a two-way sync


  • Afterwards click on "Start Sync" to start of the sync - you are all set
  • You can go into an active workflow and make some changes in there and view the logs
  • On the clock icon, you can adjust the schedule the sync runs on
  • On the line icon you can view the logs
  • On the trashcan icon you can delete the workflow (something we do not recommend)
  • This does not delete the contacts on either side

NEW: Calendar Sync

Ready to get your calendar synced? Let's get started!

First, you'll need to update to at least PBSE version 1.618. Learn more.

Not a reader? Watch this video instead.

Google Calendar Sync Setup

  • First, you'll need to go to the App Launcher:
  • Followed by the Control Center:
  • Scroll down to the Integrations section of the Control Center and you'll find the Google Sync button, click that now:
  • Next, you'll click on Configure Sync:
  • This takes you to the page that contains all Propertybase and APINATION integrations. Here, you'll want to select Google Calendar:
  • Now you will need to select Connect Propertybase:
  • Now select Connect Google Calendar:
  • Here, you'll enter the Google account you wish to link to Propertybase. The next screen will prompt you for your Google password for that account. Followed by the Allow button:
  • Review the settings on the next page (unchecking any options you do NOT wish to be synced). Follow that with the Start Sync button at the bottom:
  • Now you'll see you have multiple workflows feeding into Google from Propertybase. 


  • You can also deselect these to inactivate them if you need to:
  • Now you're all set! You'll see when you go into you're google calendar and make appointments, events and tasks in Propertybase they will sync to automatically to Google within 15 minutes. Within those, you'll see the appointments, tasks, notes, reminders, etc.


  • Q: Are my contacts deleted on Google when I delete them in Propertybase?
  • A: No, we never delete any contacts on either side!


  • Q: I can see my Propertybase events syncing to Google calendar, but not the other way around?
  • A: This is not fully released yet, and yes, currently events are synced, but only in one direction - from Propertybase to Google Calendar. 



You can also visit the Apination website here for more information.  

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