Listing Creation Wizard

Here at Propertybase we have developed the Creation Wizard to assist you with the creation and management of your Listings. It is a simple form that will allow you to see whether there is a similar listing or property record already in the system. The form comes out of the box with the Record Type, Title, Address and City as fields displayed that are used to create the new listing. Knowing that all business may track different information for the listing this wizard is customizable; Click here to see the wizard adjustment article.

After adding information to any of these fields, then clicking on the next field or "Tab" button an interactive duplicate check will appear on the right. It will prompt you to choose between two options:

  1. just create a new Listing - This option will create a new listing record as well as a related property record
  2. copy data from one of the existing Properties - With this option a new listing will be created and related to an existing property record with the same title or address. This option is good when you are tracking various listing records on one Property. To learn more about the relationship between listings and properties see the knowledge base article.

After all respective data has been entered and you have selected the correct choice, press the 'Save' button and it will create your new listing record.


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