Setting Up Front Desk Portal Lead Capturing

Each portal sets up lead forms and the resulting email message differently and although we already have a wide variation of portal lead message formats setup, some portals might change / introduce a new format or you are using a portal still unknown to us. 

Setting Up New Portal Lead Capturing

Step 1
To setup lead capturing, you will need to add your Front Desk Inbox address (looks like to the portal or portals you wish to automatically capture leads from. Once this is setup, the best approach is, you create a test lead yourself by filling our the entire form on the portal. 

Always use something you/we can identify as test like this: 

Phone:  1234567890

Always fill in all fields in the form as we can only build a parser mapped to your ORG if something is there to take out of the message. So if there are fields for "Number of Bedrooms", "Max Price" or anything else, but fake but field relevant information in it. The message will likely contain more information provided by the portal (e.g. listing information). What we find in the message we can try to pull out and send to your ORG. That's why is it so important, that the portal/future source sends the message and you do not forward a message from your email account to your Front Desk Inbox.

Step 2
Then send a message to support explaining that you just created a test lead from PORTALNAME to INBOXADDRESS and ask to have the message checked for parsing. Support will look for the message based on the information you gave and check if we already have a parser or if we need to create a new one.

  • If we already have a parser, we will connect your ORG to use this parser and come back to you to check how it comes through.
  • If we don't have a parser ready, we will let you know if we can create one and what information we can pull out of the message.

Note: We might ask you to create new test lead messages and setup might require a few iterations. If you do send new test lead messages through a form, make sure to change the email address every time e.g. with a count (, then, ...)

Step 3
The last step will always be mapping the information in the message to the fields in your ORG.
Some standard information like first name, last name, email and phone are automatically mapped to standard fields in the ORG. You will only need to change the mapping should you use own custom fields for these. 

In the following table we have a few examples of content that could be in a message and how they are mapped. Obviously the list is not comprehensive, but we will ask you during setup in this manner to provide the fields in your ORG to map the information to. The "Parser Key" is not relevant to you, but it is the key we need to bring together with the field in your ORG:

Found In Message Parser Key ORG Field
FAKEFIRSTNAME_1 contact.firstname contact.FirstName
FAKELASTNAME_1 contact.lastname contact.LastName contact.Email
1234567890 contact.Phone
3 request.bedrooms.amount.max request.pba__Bedrooms_max__c
2 request.bathrooms.amount.max request.pba__Bathrooms_max__c
2500.00 request.price.amount.max request.pba__ListingPrice_max__c

Note that we always need to know from you, which object the field you want to map something to is related to. We need it in this format e.g. for a contact's first name "contact.Firstname" or for a field on the request (inquiry/enquiry/requirement) object "request.our_Custom_APIFieldname__c" so for max price amount "request.pba__ListingPrice_max__c"

In more complex setups we might provide you with a Google Spreadsheet like the one above and will then ask you to add your field mapping to the spreadsheet.


A Parser Stopped Working Or Some Lead Message Content Is Not Mapped Correctly

Should you notice that at some point leads are not being created as when originally setup or your get an unknown error message, please also reach out to support and let us know at least one broken example by

  • sharing the link to the contact in your ORG
  • sending the contact's email address
  • and time/date of contact/inquiry creation
  • if known, the portal name the message came from
  • error message (if applicable)

We need as much information as possible to identify the message and then find the cause. Once we identified the message, we will let you know the cause and if we/you can solve this by making amendments.

If a new contact is being created with "Unknown, Unknown" as first and last name, chances are that the message is missing a parser, changed in format or can't be parsed. Let us know in either case, so we can work on it or filter it out (if possible).



  • If you are planning on setting up more than one portal for lead capturing, send through the list of portals, so we can check which ones are already available. Then, however, work with us on them one-by-one.
  • Forwarding lead messages to your Inbox is not recommended as the message source text is changed. Please discuss on a case-by-case basis with support if parsing will work anyhow, should you have no other option.
  • Grant us access to your ORG during while setting this up, so we can also check how the lead went through.
  • Where to find API Field Names
  • What is my inbox address / don't have one / not sure? Non-Lightning customers (version 1.398.5 or below), please reach out to customer support so we can check if you already have an inbox or we'll set one up for you. Lightning customers, please check if you have already activated Front Desk in Control Center. Your Inbox address is listed there.

    Not sure what version you currently have? Click here to learn more.

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