Highly recommended for Propertybase Admins - Salesforce Trailhead

As Propertybase is running on the Force.com Platform, we recommend all Propertybase Administrators to follow these awesome guided training trails (programs).

Before you start:

Salesforce Trailhead is an interactive program that assists in the learning process of Propertybase. When you sign up Salesforce Trailhead will provide you a complementary developer ORG.

  • To avoid any confusion on your side, please e.g. use your private email address. This way you wont' confuse usernames with Propertybase.
  • Use a different browser: if you use Propertybase e.g. with Chrome, copy this link to Firefox and start you trails there.

Your Propertybase licence does not cover all features which are shown in the trails:

Salesforce Trailhead provides dozens of trails. We recommend you start with:

  • Admin Beginner
  • Followed by Admin Intermediate

If you enjoy them, free to choose more :-)

Now sign up for you first lessons: Salesforce Trailhead




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