Propertybase Marketing Templates - Customising your PDF & Email Templates

Getting started

Propertybase Marketing Templates allow you to create your own customised mobile-ready templates for mass mail merges and email campaigns. 

The templates enable you to send stylised emails of Listings details, personalised emails or even target Marketing Campaigns, through specific contact mailing lists which can be created through the Browsers, Contact Browser smart list.


Click the links below for more information on setting up your templates, customising them and example templates

Setting Up

 Your standard Templates can be simple text used for a email, letter or pdf. More advanced Templates can contain several mail merge fields or logical operations that create stylish, branded layouts.

How to upload your Propertybase Templates using Data Loader;

    1. Login with your credentials & security token
    2. Select insert and select the Object > Template and upload the attached file (csv links on the 'Customising the Templates' tab).
    3. Auto-map the fields and import the templates so you can then access them in your Propertybase database
Customising the Templates
Get our full PDF guide on template customization here.

Templates tab

Every template can be found in the tab "Templates". It´s available for PB Admin profiles but can be assigned like a normal Salesforce object via Profiles.


 How to add your logo to the Standard Propertybase Templates;

      1. Using the this csv template files, you can use find/replace function in excel before importing. Simply open the csv file and search for Propertybase logo which is and replace it with the public URL of your logo.
      2. Make any changes to the html format of the template as required
      3. Save your revised csv file and import your file           

Please note, avoid opening the csv as you may revert their encoding/formatting. Any changes done could impact negatively on the result of the import process.

 How to create your own Customised Templates;

    1. Click on the Templates tab and select 'New' to open up the Template edit page 
    2. Enter the Template details as below. For example if you have already designed your email template and have the html code, you can copy and paste the code into the HTML section of the Propertybase Template
    3. To add the ability to have a free text section/Snippet to your Template, use the following;{{SNIPPET.content | snippet: "'type':'text','label':'Content','size':'2000','placeholder':'Your message...'" | newline_to_br}}. Here is another Snippet example; {{ | snippet: "'type':'date','label':'Date'" | date: "%m.%d.%y"}}
    4. You can also add your links to your social media (facebook, twitter..) using the html-code attached at the end to this article.
    5. To add merge fields to your HTML code for your template, you will need to have the object name and the API Name of the field to add it. Here is the format to add in merge fields {{object.api_name}}.These are examples of merge fields in the body of the Text email. You will need to edit in both the HTML and TEXT versions.

Code example for a Single Listing recommendation:

If you have a field in your listing named Building class with the API-name building_class__c and you want to have its content reflected in the mails/pdfs you sent/create then you could write first "Building Class:" in the desired HTML-template followed by its corresponding liquid code:


We recommend using an if-expression so you get always a value even when the field Building class is empty:
{% if listings[0].building_class__c %} {{listings[0].building_class__c}} {% else %}-{% endif %}


Code example for a Multiple Listing recommendation:

if you have a field named Property type with the API-name pba__propertytype__c then the liquid code is: 


and using the recommended if-expression:

{% if listing.pba__propertytype__c %} {{listing.pba__propertytype__c}} {% else %} - {% endif %}

Example Templates

Residential Templates


  • Multiple listings
  • Multiple listings, no images
  • Single listing
  • Single listing, no images
  • Asking for referral
  • Birthday
  • Checking in
  • Free text
  • Home purchase anniversary


  • Single Listing
  • Single Listing A4
  • Multiple Listings
  • Multiple Listings A4
  • Asking for referral
  • Birthday
  • Checking in
  • Free text/Free Text A4
  • Home purchase anniversary
  • Referral
  • Referral

Commercial templates


  • Multiple listings
  • Multiple listings, no images
  • Single listing
  • Single listing, no images


  • Multiple listings (Comparable)
  • Multiple listings, no images (Comparable)
Free text, Email Template

Residential Single Listing Email Template

Residential multiple listing email template

Commercial single listing email template

Commercial multiple listing email template (listings for sales and lease

Residential simple listing PDF template

Commercial multiple listing PDF template (comparable)


  1. What are the Requirements to use the Browser Send Wizards & Templates? ORG needs to run with Propertybase Package Version higher than 3.17.34 (1.333) -> how to identify your version and the custom Loewy token  is set.
  2. How can I get help with designing HTML stylised emails? If you are not experienced with writing HTML code, you can still create HTML emails with the help of HTML email builders. We recommend third party applications such as Mail Styler or Campaign Monitor. These applications allow you to create your stylised email and then copy the html code to the HTML section of your new Propertybase email Template. Which can then be used as an available Template in the Propertybase Send Wizard.
  3. What is an in-line template type? This template type allows you to re-use" the template in several other templates as well, for example for footers or headers.
  4. The Propertybase field data is not displaying in my Template, what should I do? Please make sure all field names are spelled in lower case.
  5. What is a snippet in the Propertybase Template?Snippets allow the users to enter free text within the mail merge templates during the send process.


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