Bulk Updating Listing Status - with Inline Editing in List Views

List views are the list of records you see when you select View > Go in each Tab in Propertybase. The below example is the Contact List view for Company Contacts.



Mass Editing in List Views

If setup correctly you can mass edit records from these list views.To be able to mass edit records in Propertybase from the list views you first need to ensure Inline Editing and Enhanced Lists in enabled in the setup area for your org. See below for instructions on how to enable this setting.

Once the editing permissions are set all you need to do is have the field Record Type included in the filters on the list view. 

You also must make sure that the fields you are trying to mass update are on the page layout of the record type you are filtering by.

For more information see the detailed instructions below.

Make sure the Enable Inline Editing and Enable Enhanced Lists settings are turned on.

Go to Setup> Build> Customize> User Interface (last option).Select Enable Inline Editing and Enable Enhanced Lists then Save.


1.Have a single Record Type in the View's filter.

We are going to use an example of mass changing the Listing status from a listing list view. 

First you need to add Record Type to the fields in the Filter By Additional Fields section of the list view.

Set the Operator to Equals and choose a record type like Sale.

Note: Bulk editing records only works with a single record type, if you try for multiple it does not work.

For more information on how to edit a View, please go to the How to Create a View Help file.



2. Add the column to the Selected Fields to Display as below.

Then you will need to ensure that the field you want to edit is included in the fields visible in the list view.

In this example, I have added Listing Status as a column the Selected Fields List.



Note: The field also needs to be on the page layout and be an editable field to be able to edit the field from the list view.


 3. Editing records directly from the View list.

If you have setup your filters correctly you will see a pencil when hovering over fields that you are able to edit.

From the list view select all of the records in the View that you want to edit and then double click on a value in the field/column you wish to edit. 



As below a pop up will appear, for you to select the value that you wish to update the selected records to.

You can Choose to update a single record ("The record clicked") or to update all records selected ("All 5 selected records") 



Click Save to apply the changes. 





This mass update records process can be applied to any list view on any Propertybase object, including Contacts, Listings, and Offers, and is particularly handy for mass changing Prices or Listing Status.  You may modify up to 200 records in a single action.  


More Information: 

For further information and troubleshooting about this please go to this links below

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