Reactivating The Home Page Quick Start Buttons

With the last Salesforce release the homepage components disappeared. But don't fear, you can get them back by following these instructions, as long as you do not check "Enable clickjack protection for customer Visualforce pages" in your Setup ->"Session Settings".

Step 1

Go to Setup / Build / Customise / Home / Home Page Components / New

Then click to: 

New / Understanding Custom Components – Next / Name – Propertybase Quickstart / Type – Visualforce Area


Visualforce Page – HomeQuickstartPanel {pba__HomeQuickstartPanel}

Height – 120 for newer revisions and 200 for older revisions

and Save


Step 2      

Setup / Build / Customize / Home /Home Page Layouts      

(“Build” will be “App Setup” for older revisions.)

Edit - Dashboard Home Page Default


Check the Propertybase Quickstart option


Select Propertybase Quickstart and move to top

Then they will appear once more!

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