Reactivating The Home Page Quick Start Buttons

With the last Salesforce release the homepage components disappeared. But don't fear, you can get them back by following these instructions:

Step 1

Go to Setup / Build / Customise / Home / Home Page Components / New

Then click to: 

New / Understanding Custom Components – Next / Name – Propertybase Quickstart / Type – Visualforce Area


Visualforce Page – HomeQuickstartPanel {pba__HomeQuickstartPanel}

Height – 120 for newer revisions and 200 for older revisions

and Save


Step 2      

Setup / Build / Customize / Home /Home Page Layouts      

(“Build” will be “App Setup” for older revisions.)

Edit - Dashboard Home Page Default


Check the Propertybase Quickstart option


Select Propertybase Quickstart and move to top

Then they will appear once more!

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