Zillow Integration & Activation: New Contacts - Step 2

After Zillow Activation 

Once our team has activated the Zillow Connect functionality for Front Desk you will receive all leads directing in your instance of Propertybase.

The following will happen:

  • A new contact record will be created with the lead source set to Zillow. The contact will include all information coming from the original Zillow email: First name, last name, email and phone number. If for any reason the lead didn't fill out a first or last name it will be set to 'Unknown'. 

  • By default the owner of the contact will be the Webservice user. You are free to reassign contacts to any user you choose. If you wish to have a specific user by default, please inform to the CS team and provide the name of the User and ID. 
  • A new request record will be created. The request record will contain all the information specific to that contacts request, and will be found in the Comments field. 

  • If the same contact were to send multiple enquiries, don't worry, we will just add additional request records. This way you can see how many times this contact sent a request and for which properties.

  • A list view will be added called Zillow Leads and will be the place in Propertybase where you can see all your contacts coming directly from Zillow. 

At times, leads will fill out the contact form and forget to add their name. If this would be the case, don't worry you'll still get your leads! Just keep in mind that the First Name field will be populated with "Unknown" and the Last Name field will be populated with the persons email address. 


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